Those who turned a blind eye to biometric devices a long time back must be cussing themselves now. The attendance machine and the finger print machine have done a world of good to so many organizations. Pity those organizations that missed out on all the fun.

But it would be naïve to say they missed out on it. By closely watching others, they too would have had these installed by now.

And what value have these added to companies? What not!

First, work shirkers are being caught and reprimanded swiftly. Second, a lot of working hours are being saved, besides a lot of surplus money that was earlier being paid as compensation to employees who were not even entitled to it.

The Finger Print Machine records an employee’s finger prints before granting him access to the facility or letting him leave. If the prints do not match, access is always denied. This means an imposter was trying to gain unwarranted access and was rightly refused entry. Nobody can trespass into the facility without identifying himself. The finger print machine is near fool proof.

The Attendance Machine goes a step further. Any employee registered with the organization has to get his presence on a particular working day marked. Without that, he will be marked as absent. The attendance machine ensures no employee can claim he was not paid fully in case he happens to have missed out on some days at work. If he was marked as absent, he gets a pay cut.

These Biometric Devices help save any organization so much money in the process. Rogue employees, as mentioned above, are immediately caught and dealt with. Their whims are not entertained and if their pay gets cut, the cut is truly justified what with an electronic record present confirming their absenteeism.

Earlier, employees would tell their friends to mark their attendance on the attendance register. They would miss that day’s work and would then expect to be paid for it. That does not happen anymore. Nobody can mark anybody’s attendance and just in case somebody is caught indulging in improper conduct, it can warrant an immediate termination from service.

Earlier, there were situations when people, basically prowlers, would show up and expect to be entertained. No stranger is allowed to trespass into the facility anymore what with access cards being issued. This ensures that only those employees enrolled with the organization are entertained and the rest are simply shown the door. In case someone tries to break in, security is always stationed at the entrance and exit gates to apprehend them.

The biometric devices do not come cheap, but are neither that expensive. Whatever they are and however they are, their installation inside and outside commercial facilities is imperative to ensure no loiterer enters or leaves without authorization. Also, no employee with these machines around ever tries to indulge in improper conduct thinking he will get away with it.

These machines account for better corporate governance ensuring employees stay within their limits and follow the right conduct at work.

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