I would like you to imagine that you are on a forest path and you are walking to a pool which is in the middle of the forest.
Look at the trees on both sides of the road. Do you see the leaves of trees green or do you see them black and white? What about the trunks of the trees? Do you see them brown?
Do you feel the coolness of the air on your face? Or is the weather humid?
With each step you take, the leaves and trunks of the trees, and all the flowers and plants are becoming clearer…and clearer...
As you see more and more clearly, your body is becoming more and more relaxed…
As you get closer and closer to the pool, your relaxation becomes deeper and deeper. And as your relaxation become deeper your imagination (the leaves and trunks of trees, flowers, and plants) become more alive and vivid.

As you walk along, you see a big and beautiful rock on the way to the pool. And you sit on the rock and look at the ants on the ground.You pay attention to a moving ant that is taking a big grain that is several times its own weight to the nest. Notice how the ant takes the grain into the nest with focus and perseverance. And you realise that, truly, perseverance, focus, and enthusiasm are the secrets to achieve goals.

And now you get up and move towards the pool. With each step you take, the weather becomes more favorable, your imagination becomes clearer and sharper and more vivid, and your body becomes more deeply relaxed.
As you get closer and closer to the pool, your enthusiasm and focus grow more and more. Perhaps you are walking on that path slowly, or perhaps you are quite fast, or you even be running. In any case you find yourself noticing how your body is becoming more and more deeply relaxed.

Author's Bio: 

Dr.Arbasi is physician and specialize in hypnotherapy. http://hypnothai.wordpress.com