Milk. It does a body a good. Doesn’t it?

For the past 6 months, I’ve been dairy free – for the most part. Sometimes it sneaks its way in unbeknownst to me. As diligent as I am about reading food labels, there are occasions when I miss an ingredient and before I know it, I’m eating it again.

Is my unconscious desire driving my blunders? Maybe. Our minds can be so incredibly self-sabotaging it’s unreal. Until I worked with my own coaches and saw firsthand how my behavior was triggered whenever I tried to make massive change in my life, I was too blind to the fact that I was my own worst enemy. But now I get it so why does it still happen?

The single most liberating work I’ve ever done for myself has been overcoming my own obstacles and releasing my dependence on negative thought processes and behaviors that kept me stuck and prevented me from moving forward in life. When I had the realization that I was the problem – not anyone or anything else – I quickly and effortlessly shifted.

The same holds true for my diet. Throughout my training as a natural health practitioner, I’ve learned an extraordinary amount of information that applies to my clients as well as myself. Working through each body system to correct my own imbalances and reverse conditions that have plagued me for years has been the most fascinating, eye-opening, and self-empowering discovery of my life.

In that process though, I inevitably learned about the dangers of consuming a poor quality diet. And just like anyone else faced with relinquishing a cherished novelty, I kicked and screamed when the subject turned to dairy.

“It’s loaded with calcium!” I whined. “Even cheese?” I queried. “A little won’t hurt anybody,” I rationalized. Wrong. A little is the same as a lot, there’s more calcium in dark leafy greens than dairy, and cheese is no exemption. Man, what a blow.

So why did I almost order cheese and sour cream on my naked burrito just last week when I was at Chipotle? Out of nowhere the impulse came to me, as if a gremlin stuck in the wee crevices of my mind somehow missed the memo that we’d extricated dairy long ago and decided to pounce while I stood vulnerable hovering over my topping choices.

I almost gave in, but then something stopped me.

My mind was flooded with the very reasons why I gave it up to begin with. It’s highly inflammatory, it creates a lot of mucous, and it makes me fat, not to mention that consuming it in mass quantities only benefits the billion dollar dairy industry and not me.

So, I’m happy to stick with Daiya Cheese and Almond Milk, choices that satisfy me just as well. In my quest to truly restore complete function to my body, I’m willing to do whatever it takes which means continuing to forgo the very toxic substances that got me here in the first place. I just gotta make sure those pesky gremlins keep quiet.

Author's Bio: 

Angela Minelli is a Weight Loss Expert who helps dedicated women entrepreneurs get their message out to thousands and feel confident stepping on to a bigger stage.

Having an over 20-year corporate background, Angela knows stress only too well. She often logged 70, 80, or 90 hour workweeks in her former career, which eventually took a toll on her body and led to near burnout. It became obvious that a change was necessary, so soon after, she switched careers and became a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Natural Health Practitioner and opened her coaching practice in the field of natural health. She now maintains her emotional and physical well-being by choosing to follow natural health protocols and has never felt better, and she teaches her clients how to do the same so that the quality of their lives improves as well.

After founding Wellness With Angela in 2009, Angela quickly rose to the top of her game becoming a highly sought after speaker and 1:1 nutrition coach. In 2010, she was featured as a guest expert on Lifetime TV and later that year created her 1st signature system, Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Strategies to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control in Less Than 30 Days!™ that offers step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate refined sugar from your diet without feeling deprived, thereby reducing your risk of developing long term diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Eliminating sugar invariably leads to weight loss, and her overall approach to losing weight is considered to be less restrictive and much more innovative than typical diet plans which sets her apart in the industry. While diet centers focus mainly on cutting calories, extreme exercise, and willpower, Angela understands that weight loss is multi-faceted and goes much deeper than just what’s on the surface. She’s skilled at identifying the root cause of symptoms, including excess weight, fatigue, mood swings, and more, and helps her clients work in reverse so that they not only balance their bodies for life, but ultimately become their own best expert.

Her client’s results include natural weight loss, less cravings, better relationships, more cash flow and generalized feelings of euphoria. They often report relief that they’re not stuck counting points all day or forced to eat like a rabbit. Angela believes that lasting weight loss is inevitable once your mindset shifts, which is what her clients find to be an invaluable component to their success, and a reliance on outdated behaviors such as weighing and measuring food that don’t serve you simply melt away along with the weight.

Angela is passionate about helping her clients forge a renewed relationship with themselves so that they build trust in knowing that they are their own nutritional novice. She offers private and group health coaching to clients worldwide and is also a lecturer, blogger, accomplished copywriter, and freelance holistic health writer.

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She lives in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where she spends her time with family, friends and her pets, Shelby, Molly, and her latest addition Bella!