Many people know the habits of drinking coffee, tea, etc. can lead to the occurrence of chronic insomnia. Many people mistakenly believe that the same can not sleep without you, no fuss, what unnecessary treatment, not knowing that a variety of chronic insomnia poses a potential hazard, mainly as follows:

1. the body decreased immunity, weakening the resistance of various diseases.

2. headache, insomnia, lack of energy during the day after the result, dizzy, tinnitus, forgetfulness, memory loss, mood to go to school and work.

3. the impact of work, study and life. Apathetic during the day often leads to insomnia, low efficiency, nervous irritability, not get along with the people around, depression, depressed, severe can lead to pessimism.

4. autonomic dysfunction, chronic insomnia caused by inattention, decreased thinking ability, resulting in depression, anxiety, mental tension, cortical dysfunction, caused by autonomic disorders, severe neurosis, etc. will be formed.

5. the children will directly affect the decline in the quality of sleep the body's growth and development.

Clinical studies have shown that sleep disorders affect people's learning, memory and emotion, leading to increased mental illness, many psychological and mental illness serious sleep disorder. Closely related to insomnia and mood disorders, affective disorders, 98% of patients associated with insomnia, insomnia causes long-term risk of affective disorder onset is 4 times the general population. Sleep disorders are closely related with the physical disease, long-term sleep disorders is leading to chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease of the important reasons.

At present, many patients with insomnia often self-medication with sleeping pills to sleep, occasionally taking really can make falling asleep quickly, but long-term use of its toxic side effects and dependence we need to consider, while also increasing the dose applied, the effect is getting worse. Will appear the next day after taking the dizziness, fatigue, listlessness phenomenon; disrupt the natural sleep clock; have a strong addiction, dependence; sleeping too much accumulation in the body, may be toxic, causing liver and kidney on the organ in particular, serious injury, can lead to water buffalo back, bone hyperplasia; use of life-threatening mistake! so long to take sleeping pills to these obvious advantages and disadvantages of relationship we have to carefully deal with!

Therefore, insomnia, depression, experts recommend that we establish good sleep habits, avoid adverse life stimuli, positive and optimistic on to enjoy a happy life; to establish a good psychological environment, once the sleep disorder, actively seek professional counseling to help, through patient co- work together to overcome the disease; to establish a good treatment method, scientific and rational drug use, to avoid adverse reactions, in order to physical and mental health.

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