Welcome to Creating Harmony’s note of indication. As we move into the last few weeks of 2016, you may have already sensed a change in the energies? Re-structuring is still underway, only it seems far more subtle. That said some of the emotions which have surfaced have created quite an impact. Usually because of a stubborn desire to hold on to what desires to leave! Many of these patterns came from family and lifetime lineages as well those beliefs we have created ourselves. Our intention in this Harmonising Times is to provide our readers, friends and everyone else with foresight as to the themes impacting all our lives during 2017.

For many November seemed a tranquil month, though it moved up a notch the re-structuring which is underway. Further challenges being made to the established order, even if many did not like the manner employed and the implication of the change. These last few weeks and throughout most of 2017 this process is going to accelerate rather than be completed.

November’s legacy...

The key point is to accept and embrace the new. This was illustrated for me on my recent return from California where increased visibility had been the theme of the mastermind. Sitting on the aircraft ready to take off for Lisbon we were delayed for two hours due to a problem with an hydraulic switch. Up to then all my delays had been going to meetings in the USA, not returning home – which led me to wonder what is this resistance about? Once home the next week we were beset by continuing problems with our internet connection. Providing space for other activities and/or reducing my ability to be visible?

Several calls to technical support provided only connection for at most a few hours. Resolution did not come until I chose to visit the local store and asked for an unlimited contract. The very next day connection became easier. Why? I had to let go of the old and commit to increasing my visibility!

Almost every day before and since my return has involved acknowledging old habits and patterns as they surface and then letting them go. The same has been evident during client sessions, as it has within our family.

In essence the process has been one of finally giving up the illusion of being anyone other than who we know ourselves to easily, authentically and genuinely be. It is natural for you to be you and thrive, so let yourself be you! It is a relief and it is the way to open up all that you are and let it flow here... and the time for that is NOW as we reach the end of this nine year cycle.

The shifting of the energies in the last phase of November’s moon has created for some the impression they can continue to hold on to established habits and patterns, even though they are seeking to be gone. This despite on the 26th Mercury pushing to the surface painful issues needing to finally be faced or holding serious conversations you have been avoiding.

However, to open a new door requires the old one to first be closed. So a moment to be real about hurts and confront them, so you can find resolution and feel lighter and freer.

This is a choice we all face. For if you desire to embody your fullest potentials in this life, to be an instrument of your own soul and the awakening, you then must master your capacity to be in accord with your own consciousness. This is not about perfection it is about devotion – to your own energy!

This will enable you to live from what you know as your truth, for this integration of what has become clear is essential to move into the potentials now opening up for us all. To continue to assist you stay in the flow, we also make very regular posts on our Facebook page.

Since 20th November Neptune has been direct, meaning it is no longer possible to keep things hidden, even deceit and getting away with dishonest words and actions will be subject to scrutiny as light shines on them. This is particularly true of the way we view ourselves.

Until a few days before Christmas, we are being encouraged to socialise, have parties, go to parties, meet new people, share with friends and family and enjoy your personal life.

The new moon calls us all to...

The new moon on the 29th – an 11 Day – in the 11th month in an 11 Universal Month sets us up for the most amazing new beginnings. Do you feel renewed, refreshed and so ready to embrace a new life, a new perspective – a new view of the worlds perhaps?

This new moon coincides with new phases of Venus/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn, and Mars in Aquarius. It signals a superb opportunity to expand, having broken free from the bonds of the past and ready to charge headlong into a new future.

Any physical or emotional discomfort is there as a reminder of what we are holding onto – likely to be felt in the sacral and solar plexus regions. More understanding, case studies and guidance on actions are available in The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry) To learn more watch this short YouTube video – the 2nd Secret: https://youtu.be/9vNkqZ4Zd2w

Enjoy an Abundant Life in 2017?

In these moments of apparent turmoil as we move into the new cycle, many have brought up the feeling of a lack of Abundance in their lives. We have brought together into Easily Creating Abundance the ability for you to address limitations to love, health, freedom and wealth aspects of Abundance: more information at http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/category/events/

If you desire to learn some exciting new ways to help yourself (and your clients) achieve miraculous results, then we invite you to discover powerful coaching techniques you can use to help yourself (and your clients) finally…uncover the hidden hurdles sabotaging your ability to have more wealth, more love, better health, and more freedom in your life starting at the event.

The workshop will enable everyone to identify the main areas where they are blocked and then work through processes to address them. It will conclude with an assessment of the progress made and what remains to be addressed and how to create continuing Abundance in your life.

A word of caution, this is not about the Law of Attraction. Rather we focus on enabling all the wealth and abundance that is awaiting your activation. This is not only possible, it is how we were designed to live! No longer holding yourself back, instead learning how to ask, seek, knock, and act from your highest vision.

The next one is in Portugal from 24th to 25th February 2017.

Contact Georgy Reece-Smith at gregory@creatingharmonyinyourlife.com for more information.

Further dates and locations to be confirmed. For full details on further events visit: Forthcoming Events -- http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/welcome-to-creating-harmony-new... Or, if you would like to host an event near you, please email us at: support@creatingharmonyinyourlife.com

Or, if you are prepared for deep intense one-on-one coaching, why not visit me at our home in Portugal? The retreat is for two people with four days of consecutive one-on-one coaching sessions, plus a further three days to allow for integration. If unable to visit Portugal, Skype or similar is possible. The shift over four consecutive days of coaching is immensely visible. More details are to be found at Transform and Create.

Unsure as to your next step?

If you would like help in developing your new view, then why not request a complimentary Create your Path strategy session? During this we will work together to:

=> Create a crystal clear vision for your business and the “perfect lifestyle” you desire to live.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your personal growth and perhaps keeping you working too many hours with no freedom or flexibility.

=> Leave this session renewed, re-energised, and inspired.

After sending us your completed questionnaire we will review it and confirm your booking. My promise is that the focus will be on ensuring the above.


December in 2016 is a 12/3 Universal month. December’s 12:12 code initiates both learning and joy. 12 reduces to the number 3 – self expression and creativity. Coupled with the number 9 for 2016, this unlocks your creative nature and sets the stage for social connections and sharing of feelings – all in a spirit of happiness.

The full moon is on the 14th. It has the same degree as November’s big full moon. So the focus is once more on peace whilst merging with communication, freedom, shifts and adventure.

This is one of those rare calendar years when Mercury retrogrades four times, not the usual three. The last retrograde begins on the 19th with a vibration of magical alchemy and uplifting others through joy. It emphasises reflecting on how to bring more fulfilment into your vocation. In particular gaining a great perspective on the last three months and enter this coming period with renewed focus. The retrograde starts in Earth and finishes on 8th January 2017 in Fire.

On the 24th the hardworking and patient Saturn meets the breakthrough planet Uranus. The harmony generated quietens nerves so you can calmly master every opportunity for change, persevere through big and small shifts and feel more in control of every situation that arises. It will help you feel confident in tackling all the demands and changes of life as 2016 draws to its close.

The final new moon of 2016 occurs on the 29th, opening the 11 portal into double new beginnings. What you experience now, especially regarding what brings you most fulfilment in your vocation, brings vital insights as to how to take up the reins of your life in 2017!

“How soon will you realise

that the only thing you don´t have

is the direct experience

That there´s nothing you need

That you don´t have”

Ken Keyes, Jr.
Handbook to Higher Consciousness

Key themes for 2017

We enter 2017 with the intention to dissolve the cords of past limiting beliefs and open ourselves to a bigger, more powerful future! In 2017 we will harvest what we are planting right now. It will also form the basis for the remaining eight years of the new cycle.

Other themes influencing us include Pluto which is asking us all to own our capacity to wield power. Using it to alter society´s cultural tone with regard to the perceived structures of success and accomplishment. This will require us all to acknowledge there is a power greater than ourselves whilst meeting our own source of power. Learning how to use it responsibly and more intentionally, lending your power to groups, communities, causes and missions.

We will need to redefine our understanding of power as well as meeting our thoughts and fears on power and authority. Congruency in results is the key here.

Favoured activities are coaching, particularly in business, enterprise, industry and government; culture shifting; and structural building/rebuilding. This theme continues until 2023 so transformation is playing the long game here. Suggesting long rather than short term engagement with clients will be needed as they re-structure all aspects of their lives.

Business is going to set the pace of cultural change and be a counterbalance to what we view as governance. Consider what can you bring to the rebuilding of structure?

Since 2010 those who are elders, teachers, wisdom-walkers for cultural change have been called to be visible and follow their own work. If you are here to bring forward new work, you have to be it, to live it. Touching the truth of what is not okay.

Which means accepting each challenge is there for a lesson and so instead of searching for relief versus real change, cultivate presence and compassion. The objective being to release the hold of any discomfort, dis-ease or pain; no longer needing to create suffering to initiate personal evolution. This is going to require us to create a different way forward.

Meaning real change in lifestyle rather than paying lip service to it. Favoured activities will be: coaching, therapy and counselling; alternative/traditional medicine; presence cultivation and practice; burnout recovery/self-care; and active meditation.

Pushing beyond your comfort zone

This theme draws to a close in 2019 just after Uranus has ended in 2018 preparing the way for change, breakthrough and freedom.

This is about pushing us all to extend our comfort zones, and our reactions to that push. Achieving sustainable breakthrough and change does not always happen fast, particularly with large organisations whose focus is often to standardise rather than create flexibility. The focus on these changes is inevitably going to be in business, the economy, government and industry – the foundation stones of the industrial and post-industrial societies.

Defying the current order in order to restore order – though not one that has existed before! Purpose, principles, intention, values and passion are to be the new orders of the day.

Which means coaching, particularly purpose, leadership, `where to now?´and groups are going to be to the fore. Leadership in change-making and culture-shifting is going to in great demand!

Until 2025 Neptune is calling us all to make our world a better place, the one we desire it to be. Meaning it is making a significant spiritual call to us all. For it is asking us all to bring into creation the dream each of us was born with.

What has served will need review and reform required to bring us closer to that dream. Spiritual coaching, particularly in/for business; leadership development; vision creation; and expression of ideals that move us to action poetry, music, film, writing, dance will all have a part to play.

Through 2017 Sagittarius is asking each of us how and where will you expand and grow beyond your limiting beliefs? This period also has a sense of maturing about it as there is an emphasis on finding your ground; standing your ground; committing to your ground/doing so in practical, material, it-actually-impacts-human-life (starting with your) ways.

Finding (or becoming) a teacher weaves in here, as does how does the community function? This will favour the personal/spiritual/purposeful growth field; teaching/mentoring/masterminding; and start-up to long term business coaching.

Until October 2017 Jupiter is favouring partnerships to achieve growth.

Interestingly the April and August Mercury retrogrades again start in Earth and end in Fire – the energy of creative expression and transformation. That in December both starts and finishes in Fire. All of which give you a flavour of how we may view 2017.

Be willing to let go and be who you truly are. Trust that those who do resonate with your vibration and consciousness will knock on your door. Each of us will need to decide to be all that we are or choose to stay in the perceived safety of the smaller version of ourselves.

If things seem to be falling apart, rejoice! For all disintegration leads to an upgrade of who you are. It is exhausting to hold yourself back and freeing when you authentically expose your true self; your soul; the being you essentially are. What fear do you still cling to that keeps you small? Where do you feel stifled? Where do you feel free? Readily move toward freedom and let go of the old rules, whether they are self-imposed or accepted from the outer world.

Shamanics’ Events

The first event planned for 2017 is on 18th and 19th February for another 'Discovering the Inner Realms... a Journey into Shamanism'. This will introduce you to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides, power animals and much more on our experiential journey together. You will also have the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth. It will provide you with awareness and powerful, effective tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight and healing which requires no external authority, intermediary, or even beliefs: more information at http://shamanicsinportugal.com/product/a-journey-into-shamanism-discover...

A copy of our 'All About Air workbook' will be provided at no cost to all who book.

The first 'Vision Quest' for 2017 is planned from 23rd to 26th March. There will be a half day 'Introduction to Shamanic Journeying', on the morning of 23rd March followed in the afternoon by the next Vision Quest: for more information visit http://shamanicsinportugal.com/product/your-vision-quest-in-portugal/

A copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s 'All About Fire workbook' will be provided free to all who book, or you can download one Free now as a valued subscriber.

The full list of events is available by visiting this link: Forthcoming Events

If there is any aspect you would like to learn more about, then please email us at: support@creatingharmonyinyourlife.com.

In Summary

December 2016 is a quiescent month with an emphasis on socialising and happiness, enjoying your personal life. However, do not allow yourself to be fooled into ignoring the shifts which are underway. They are not going away, there are going to be few dull moments in 2017!

Points to help at this moment:

  • continue to be aware of the emotions when they are triggered and address them;
  • allow your inner self to emerge and be visible;
  • allow yourself to enjoy the socialising and meeting new people;
  • allow yourself to enjoy the sense of peace which flows through this month;
  • prepare for the double new beginnings brought by the new moon;
  • be confident in addressing the demands of the last days of 2016; and
  • set aside a moment to watch the full moon on the 14th.

Over the 31st December and 1st January Fire merges with Spirituality. Your inner soul fire will feel a great urge to merge with everything and everyone. You may feel spiritually stimulated and have a passionate perspective on how your sensual and spiritual nature work hand in hand to birth miracles. This message for 2017 means you are about to birth a new cosmic creation.

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Reece-Smith is a transformation coach, author, public figure and founder of http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com. Gregory's focus is on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them, including that of their organizations. Creating Harmony was founded to broaden the reach of this focus as real success only flows when beliefs no longer limit what is possible.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organizations and with individuals. He conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to experience techniques to effect a shift and experience harmony. In December 2014 Divine Time Books published 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony'. This is available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry).

Whether helping an entrepreneur start to build his business or the chief executive of a large international one, Gregory has always been helping people to develop and grow, allowing them to understand the situation from ‘the outside in’ rather than necessarily the one they perceived from the inside out. Helping to shift their own views, building confidence so that they can take action to identify their own desires and start taking steps toward their achievement and so success.

Gregory states: "My passion is helping 'everyone' to do this, particularly those such as myself who focused on the desired achievement to the detriment of everything else! My purpose is not to help you to cope, rather helping you to transform your understanding and the way you view your life. Helping you to create harmony in your life. The Harmonising Times is published monthly to assist all in doing just that."

For more details about Gregory Reece-Smith's Awaken Transform Live events please visit: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/category/events/

For details about future events to be held in central Portugal with Shamanics in Portugal: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/

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