When you’re growing up, all you want to eat is food that tastes good; you don’t care if it isn’t necessarily good for you. As you get older, however you start to realize that what you put into your body actually reflects the way that your body starts to look and how it starts to feel. You may even start being pickier about what you put into your body, and many grown adults find themselves starting to realize how important protein bars truly are. But what are they used for and how can they help you in your daily life?

Protein bars are actually considered by the health food industry to be snacks. They are filled with lots of protein and are generally low in carbohydrates, making them perfect as a snack in the middle of the day. They however, are also a great option for two groups of people: dieters and those who are trying to build muscle in their body. Wondering why? Let’s take a look at some research.

At Ohio State University, researchers put together three groups of men who were looking to build their body mass. One group received a soy protein bar, another received a whey protein bar, and the third, a control group, received no supplement. What was found was that both groups that received the protein bar had a gain in their lean body mass and that the one that did not receive a supplement did not. This shows that protein bars are a great way to help build body mass.

But how can it help a dieter? Many times dieters will eat protein bars instead of having a large meal. Most doctors and health food experts will tell you that it’s always better to eat a number of small meals every day rather than eat only a few large ones, and that is where protein bars can help. Instead of eating a large lunch, for instance, some dieters find that they have a better chance at losing weight by eating a protein bar before their lunch time and by eating one later in the afternoon.

The bars will give you protein and energy to help get through the day. Make sure that you read the ingredients on the package of protein bars before you eat them, as there are some companies who make protein bars that are actually filled with sugar rather than being filled with protein.

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