Receiving massive marketing results starts with connecting to your Core Value Offer and creating alignment with what you want to create in your business, your life, the world. Who you are B-E-ing dictates your experience as you are marketing your business.

Now, what is a major challenge with this?

Well, most people allow their energy to manage them rather than the other way around. And the one main entrepreneurial culprit to this is F-E-A-R.

Let’s be honest here; being an entrepreneur is scary.

- You don’t know where your clients are coming from
- You don’t know where your income is going to come from
- You have to really put yourself out there
- You have to allow people to see you

And with that comes often a fear of being judged, criticized, made fun of, as people experience people deciding whether or not they want to work with you.

EnergyRICH® Success KEY: Especially among coaches and creatives, there’s often a fear about being sales-y. What that is really about is a fear of not being liked.

Again, being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. Anyone out there who tries to tell you that it is, they’re crazy. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

It’s not about never, ever feeling the fear or the worry or the doubt; what it’s about is how you manage the fear, the worry or the doubt when it shows up. It’s about the meaning that you place on the fear and the worry and the doubt when it kicks in, because trust me, it will kick in.

I have been through many stages and levels in my business and I know that I will have many more stages and levels to continue to grow.

You want that.

It means you’re expanding; it means you’re alive.

With each new level, there’s a whole new set of fears and worries and doubts, trust me, but the thing is, when I first started out in business I was debilitated by these fears. Just being honest.

There are 3 main challenges that have to do with your energy as an entrepreneur.

1) Inconsistency.

2) Being with people who drag you down.

3) Looking outside for validation.

EnergyRICH® Success KEY: According to the American Psychological Association, 95 percent of people do not take action on their dreams because of fear. Really take that in; this is remarkable! Ninety-five percent do not move their dreams into action because of fear. And now - get this - out of that 95 percent, 98 percent of that fear is unfounded. Amazing! That means the fear that you’re allowing to hold you back, the beliefs that are generating that fear, are made up. You make them up!

But because you’re so afraid of what will happen if you succeed, and if you fail, that you find all types of what I like to call ‘unreasonable reasons’ not to act.

And there are ripple effects that come from that lack of ACTION - that lead to feelings of frustration, feeling tense, fear of being judged or the opposite, which is being judgmental of others – a kick-in of a false sense of superiority, which leads to feeling stuck, has you feeling sick, and angry...

So what do you do to get out of your stuck cycle? This leads to the EnergyRICH® essential element. ‘Energy Management’.

This is about you being aware and this is about you being in charge of the energy that you channel. Everything is energy; whatever energy you are putting out at any time, your potential clients are picking it up.

One of my favorite EnergyRICH®-isms is you can’t fool energy. If you’re feeling frustrated, we’re feeling it from you. If you’re feeling tense, people are picking it up. If you’re feeling dread and fear, your potential clients can smell it. It doesn’t matter what you say or how fancy your marketing materials are, it comes back to your energy. So you want to get conscious – quick.

Your EnergyRICH Call To Action

1) Find someone that you can speak to about your entrepreneurial doubts and fears. Be very conscious about whom you choose. Often someone who doesn’t have their own business cannot completely relate—even if they are one of your closest companions. Ask for support. Ask for accountability. Do this AS MUCH AS you need to.

2) Be patient with yourself, and keep up the attentiveness. Accept that this road will become smoother, but it will be constant. As an EnergyRICH@ Entrepreneur you are on a constant road of growth and expansion. Better to embrace all that comes with that. The result is extremely powerful.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach, is the creator of the EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success System and a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs around the world how to partner *Universal Energetic Principles* with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to *joyfully make more money in your business so you can better serve the world*. Her Programs, Live Events and products, show students how to transcend lower level energies like fear and doubt to be able to build their business from a place of serving, joy and abundance. Get started right away with your FREE EnergyRICH® Success CD and Success Report: