Affirmations are a popular technique used for programming your subconscious mind. Affirmations are clear, concise, positive suggestions designed to influence your subconscious and create a specific outcome. While they do not replace the necessary physical work required while trying to reach a goal; they are very powerful tools that can keep your motivation & enthusiasm high. Affirmations have helped me to improve my attitude, improve my focus, and to reach many goals. There are two types of affirmations:

"Objective Affirmations" are said aloud with strong, sincere emotion and repetition. Objective affirmations are very similar to autosuggestion, which is a form of subconscious reprogramming made popular by Dr. Emile Coue'. Dr. Coue' coined the world famous self help affirmation, "Every day in every way I am getting better and better!" Dr. Coue' believed that many of his patients' health problems were psychosomatic in nature (suggesting the problem was created by a negative mind). Coue' also believed that if people could become psychosomatically ill, they could also become psychosomatically healthy simply by talking themselves into it.

His prescription to many of his patients was to repeat (dozens and dozens of times daily) the affirmation, "Every day in every way I am getting better and better!" Psychologically, like repeating a mantra or chanting, the endless repetition bores the conscious mind, causing the affirmation to quietly slip into the patient's subconscious. Once the affirmation was rooted in the subconscious, many of Dr. Coue's patients were indeed healed. Although this affirmation is not a substitution for professional medical care, it often seems to aid in the healing process. If the patient is very open to the power of suggestion it may correct the problem completely.

Last year I worked with a woman in one of my classes who was plagued with a severe case of psoriasis. It covered most of her scalp with white, crusty flakes which itched, sometimes bled and was very unattractive. She tried many kinds of medical treatments including special shampoo yet nothing seemed to help her. As she asked for my advice, I could tell that she was very discouraged since she suffered with this challenge for five years. I told her that affirmations "may" help if she used them with consistency. After our short discussion she began using affirmations every time she was in the shower. While washing her hair and gently massaging her scalp she would repeat, "clear, healthy scalp," several times with emotion and sincerity. She said she began to notice some improvement in only two days. Finally, much to her amazement, the problem completely cleared up in one month and has not returned in over a year. Talk about transforming a vision into a reality! You can begin using objective affirmations right now to enhance the quality of your life and achieve your personal or business goals.

"Your affirmations must be short, positive and stated in the present tense."

Once you have selected one or several affirmations, repeat each of them often with strong, sincere emotion. You may repeat them aloud or while looking into a mirror. Your subconscious will absorb the command and help you to produce results.

Here are some empowering positive affirmations to help you get started. I hope these examples will make it easier for you to create your own affirmations.

* Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!
* I am headed for something bigger and better sooner than I think!
* I am a healthy, prosperous, successful human being!
* Taking three, slow deep breaths will help me to relax anytime, anywhere!
* Every day, as days go by, I have less and less desire to smoke!
* Every day, as days go by, I have a greater desire to reduce my weight!
* Every day, as days go by, my pancreas produces the proper amount of insulin!
* Every time I blink, my eyesight improves!
* I remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations!
* I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body, brain and mind!
* I am very time efficient! I get things done in a timely fashion!
* I am a peaceful, centered human being!

"Be sure to repeat your affirmations with strong, sincere emotion."

The attitude and emotional intensity you use while repeating affirmations will let your mind know how serious you are.

"Subjective Affirmations" are very similar to objective affirmations. The only difference is that these affirmations are repeated mentally while at a meditative or hypnotic level. The relaxed meditative process quiets the outer conscious part of your mind allowing your subconscious to be highly receptive to your suggestions or programming. Your subconscious with its awesome creative abilities will immediately begin to act on these suggestions. Like a powerful mental magnet it will begin to attract all of the necessary components for creating your desired reality as long as you do the required foot work.

Affirmations seem to have a large influence on the left brain hemisphere. This may be because this side of the brain responds to verbal-type thinking. If during the day you do not have time to enter a meditative level, you may use objective affirmations to reinforce the subjective ones.

Your most powerful affirmations are to be repeated before you go to sleep. Your final thoughts while entering sleep will be filed on your sleep and dream cycles creating stronger lasting impressions on your mind and speedier results.

I wish you luck & success!

Author's Bio: 

John Eric Jacobsen is a practicing hypnotherapist, consultant and motivational speaker for almost three decades. His research utilizing hypnotherapy with children and teens began when his then, four year old daughter, was dealing with some stress and anxiety issues. His hypnosis technique completely eliminated her problem without side-effects. He then began to work with other children, and the Kids in Trance Program was born.

The Kids in Trance Program is the only program of its kind effectively teaching parents how to use clinical hypnotherapy and auto-suggestion on their kids. It has helped children and teens with every issue imaginable. Issues such as: nail-biting, bed-wetting, headaches, peer pressure, weight control, thumb-sucking, fear of dentists, sports performance, test-anxiety, teeth grinding, hair pulling, nightmares, fear of the dark, habit control, shyness, asthma, potty-training, and many others.

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