Although there are many ways to relieve back pain, to stop it altogether is another matter. It's not that it's a difficult task, but that most people do not follow the correct steps.

You will have heard of the phrase: Ready ... Aim ... Fire!

There's been plenty of movies, books and other areas where you see this phrase. At for everyone you know what happens, you get ready, take aim and then fire the weapon.

Back pain relief is the same process and to get long term relief you must follow exactly the same steps.

First you must get ready, this means knowing exactly what is causing your pain. Which is not how you lifted, bent over, twisted or sat at your desk. The cause of your back or neck pain is the imbalances in your spine that allowed these "normal" daily tasks to start your pain.

Once you know which imbalances you have, the next steps are easy. But if you don't know what or where to target then it is like shooting in the dark.

Knowing what is causing your pain is simple to determine, and once this occur you then need to take aim. This means removing some or all of your pain.

People are told often that symptom chasing or symptom relief is not a good idea. In fact removing pain is essential and will help your body heal faster.

You need to relieve back pain before you attack the underlying cause. But you may believe this is almost impossible, when in fact this is one of the easiest tasks to achieve.

Most pain occurs as the result of trigger points, muscle spasm or inflammation. Each of these can be addressed using simple techniques that can literally turn off the pain signals.

As I said, if pain levels are lowered or non-existent then you will heal faster which makes the task of removing the cause simpler.

The final step is firing the weapon, which is the most important step. Removing the causes of your pain, the spinal imbalances, and helps to remove pain now and prevent it returning.

But here is where people make the biggest mistake.

Spinal imbalances are the underlying cause of your back or neck pain. These imbalances are both muscular and joint related. Too many people only ever deal with muscle imbalances.

But both exist and both need attention. The concept of muscular imbalances has been around for many decades. Muscles connect to joints and if the muscles are tight or weak then they upset the joint movement.

But joints can also become sticky, the fluid around the joint can change and cause restricted motion. This will allow muscles to become out of balance once more.

This is why it is essential to target both the muscles and the joints, using a simple process of ready, aim, fire.

If you want to relieve back pain now, there are many ways to achieve this. But if you want long lasting back pain relief then you must follow this simple 3-step-plan.

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