Are you a member of the ‘Not enough money’ brigade? By this I mean do you find yourself thinking or saying on a regular basis ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘I don’t have enough money’ or ‘I can’t justify that’? This could be in relation to that fabulous new pair of shoes, that fantastic new dress or that night out with friends. Or maybe in relation to a special holiday or new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of? Or, in your business it might be in relation to that support or training you really want?

If so, you’re not alone, and the way to tackle this is to get very clear on how much is enough.

What do I mean by this? I mean you get clear on what success means to you – your successful life, your successful business, the successful ‘you’ - and how much money it will take to allow you to live in this way. Not how much you need but rather how much you want in order to develop your really successful business and live your ideal (successful) lifestyle.

Action Tip

Spend a few minutes imagining your ideal successful life. Notice the details

•What does it look like, feel like and sound like to you?
•Who’s with you?
•Where are you?
•What’s happening? How are you spending your time?
•Who are you being? What do you expect and believe about yourself and your life?
•What’s happening in your business? Who are you serving? How are you serving them?
•What does your successful business look, sound and feel like to you?
•How much money does this business bring you?

See it, sense it, get emotionally connected to it and most of all enjoy it.

This is not an exercise in not enough, judging your desires, or being realistic!

Bonus Tip

Now capture everything that came up for you in words or pictures – get it down on paper so you can tap into it and emotionally connect to it on a regular basis.

Getting clear on what success means to you – success on your own terms – is so important because the process of getting clear on your ideal successful life requires you to start to define how much money you really want to live this ideal lifestyle. Which in turn informs how much you want to make in your business.

This helps to clarify where you are now and whether what you’re currently doing will take you there. If not you can start to define your strategy and put a definite plan in place to achieve the income you want.

It starts with you getting clear and defining exactly what that income is.

Not what you think you can manage with.

Not what you need.

But rather what you really want, so that you take personal responsibility for achieving your specific money making goal. That way you’ll always have ‘enough money’ to support you in your business and also to be, do and have the things you really want in your life.

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After experiencing unhappiness in her work and then a decline in her business results that affected how she felt about herself, her business and her life, Julie developed her breakthrough DANCE system to help business women reconnect with themselves to discover their own true path to success rather than simply following or modelling others. For free success information and details of her book Stepping into Success ...The 7 Essential Moves to Bring Your Business to Life visit