From that very first time that I went into a DMV, I knew that I wanted to be an organ donor. There was a little box that you had to mark for it to appear on your license. Reflecting back on it now, that little box seemed to be so trivial at the time, but it is so important.
Sure, you’ve waited in line for a long time; you just want to get out of there. There are so many other places you could be. Your number is called. You go up and take the vision test, maybe the written and driving test if needed. You are at the end of the process when you get your picture taken. When it’s all done, you get your new license.
What color is at the top of your new driver’s license? If the color is red, congratulations, you are an organ donor. You now have the ability to possibly save someone’s life. If you have a state ID card, that is color coded as well. And to think that it only took me one second to check that little box!
At 16 I realized the importance of life, but I didn’t realize the full extent of it until years later. Some people are well aware of how fragile life is at an early age; donors are needed for all ages. This is why it is so important to be an organ and tissue donor.
If you reside in Illinois, you can register here:
To learn what organs and tissue can be donated please check out their website:
The death of a loved one is tragic! Their absence leaves a profound ache in your heart that on some days seems like it will never go away. No one wants to think about death, especially while they are living. You want to go out and enjoy life, have fun and build lasting memories. But the truth of the matter is that things happen, situations happen and sometimes those aren’t good. Yes, enjoy every moment while you are able.
For those who are waiting for an organ, time takes on a different meaning. Everywhere you go and everything you do, you just see a clock that’s ticking. The added worry and stress are extremely magnified. Your hope lies within others. It is a double-edged sword as you gain life by the loss of someone else.
Remember our soul is so important in this discussion. The soul lives on; the body form has its time limits. Everything you do and touch leaves an impression on your soul that can be carried on by others. It reflects in other’s memories of you. Nobody can take those wonderful memories from you, you carry them with you. So for those waiting for that life-changing phone call, my heart is with you. And for those of you who are debating this very important subject, I hope I have helped sway you in the direction of helping to save someone’s life.

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