In Colour Light Therapy, the Holographic Healing treatment series is prescribed for people who suffer from Cancer, or for people who have a history of Cancer in their family and are worried they might get it later in life. One of the rules for anyone wanting to give sessions to others is that before you give a treatment to someone else, it is wise to experience it in depth yourself.

Since my mother had recovered from Cancer surgery, I thought it would be a good idea for me to go through the treatment. This particular series of sessions moves into the holographic principle and helps a person to realign themselves with their potential for health on all levels by releasing the source of their deeply buried conflict, wherever it may be arising from, whether karmic or genetic.

One day, towards the end of my series of sessions, I was as usual eating my lovely piece of tea-time cake when I heard my brain shouting a message for me; it was like a voice in my head literally shouting.

In shock, I put the cake down. I closed my eyes to tune into my body and find out what the message was. What I heard was: "This sugar is poison! You are killing me with this sugar! No more! Stop it immediately!"

I then experienced a very deep memory arise. There were no words, just impressions from the body memory below the conscious mind: I was a baby who was denied the breast. Instead I was fed on the type of sugared milk prevalent for babies during that era.
My body felt cheated and enraged but having nothing else, had to make do with that. In time, even my body forgot that there might be another way. The conflict became deeply buried. It was a matter of survival.

I had never considered myself to be an addict of sugar... until I tried to let go of it. It was hard. It brought up survival panic. However, the Holographic Healing treatments were doing their work so effectively that I started having pain and cramps every time I ate even a little sugar. Natural fruit sugar had no ill effect, only the refined sugar could no longer be tolerated. So I dropped it.

After a sugar-free month I was amazed and delighted to find out that several physical problems had also dropped. My lifelong severe eczema disappeared as if it had never been. My lifelong hypoglycaemia disappeared. Stress was gone. Physical strength became enhanced.
The Holographic Healing treatments acted like a light detective, leading me to the source of my physical problem and helping me to discover my own cure. This is a tremendously empowering way to discover health.

Fourteen years later, I am still sugar free and am in optimum health. Do I miss it? Definitely not. My body purring along contentedly is the sweetest gift possible.

Sarita is a Tantra teacher, holistic healer and expert in spiritual nutrition. Click here to find out more about how eating the right food can empower your spiritual growth:

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Sarita has been on the spiritual path for 37 years, including 26 years at the ashram of enlightened Indian mystic, Osho. She teaches Tantra, Tachyon and Colour Light Therapy. She is also trained in Ito-Thermie, Hypnosis for Healing, Angelic Reiki, and Ayurvedic Holistic Massage.