The position of a leader is as empowering as it is exhausting. Irrespective of the fact that you are a leader at a school or a community or at your workplace, you are the subject of a lot of expectations. There is no set formula that can help you become the leader who can efficiently meet all these expectations. The quality of leadership is inborn which is reflected in the way a child behaves. This quality can be developed and enhanced in the formative years in order to make a leader who is par excellence. An ideal leader is suppose to be headstrong while making decisions but also be sensitive enough to recognize the needs of his followers and work for their welfare.

A strong mind is a basic prerequisite to making an effective leader. Making crucial decisions is an indispensable part of a leader’s job. These decisions made by the leader have their effect on a lot of important aspects relating to the interests of the company or the group. It is human to err but a true leader should be able to avoid mistakes by making clever moves and analyzing the situation well before jumping to any conclusion.

The situations that are faced by the leader are not the same all the time. Some of them can be very complicated and might need a completely new approach to tackle. In such cases, the leader cannot be expected to always make the right decision. In case of any such mistake, the leader is expected to bravely face his mistake and be entirely accountable for his flaw. A decision, once made by the leader should be the last nail and the leader should have no doubts about it. This will instill confidence in the followers regarding the leader’s decision making powers.

The decisions made by a good leader are taken after carefully examining the decision and not by simply getting carried away by the opinions of others. In order to do this, the leader should have a very strong mind and he should be confident about his capabilities. If the leader is a person who can easily change his decisions based on what someone has to say, the company will suffer in a lot of ways because the followers might only think about their own interest and convincer the leader to take wrong decisions.

Being opinionated is another essential quality of a good leader. It is necessary that the leader have a strong opinion about everything. He should have a clear picture of the problems that are being faced and the methods that should be adopted in order to solve those problems. He should be open to ideas but eventually must know what is good and bad for the interest of the company. Clubbing the best ideas that have been received and developing a fool proof mechanism is the strongest attribute of a leader.

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