What is happiness? Can Science tell us? Are there any examples of complete happiness in history? Is complete happiness just bliss without sorry at all?

We will explore these questions and more. We will see clearly how to obtain complete happiness, the only way.

Have you ever wondered wither or not worms, bugs, cows or chickens think and feel in such a way that they have any cognizance about self or feel happiness or sadness? There are some people that feel that animals are just like us. We see in our dogs and cats all the emotions that we ascribe to ourselves.

What seems quite plain is that these animals have no reason not to be quite satisfied with being what they are. In fact many people have taken to saying about themselves, “this is just me.” To them, this is the answer to any questioning of their thoughts or acts. “I am who I am and you are who you are.”

A worm is a worm, and a chicken is a chicken. I guess as long as a worm can eat and do what a worm does, it doesn’t worry.

The dilemmas that people face are not at all demonstrated in the animal kingdom. Although there are varying degrees of instinct, they all seem to do what they have been pre-programmed to do. Not so with humans. Humans contemplate the nature of past, present and future events wondering what it will mean for themselves and others.

To Paraphrase Solomon, “A wise man's heart discerns both timing and decisions. Because to every purpose there is time and judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him. Because he doesn’t know that which shall be: and who can tell him when it shall be?”

Think about it. In truth, these things are involved in every misery of humans. But as Solomon stated, it just makes them worse or “great”. Not knowing what and when, is not the origin and if we could both know when and what, it would only be the beginning or opportunity to relieve human misery.

Why is that you may ask?

Because, knowing allows you and opportunity to prepare or change things, but If you are not able to change upcoming events, the misery is not assuaged.

There is also one thing that we know is coming and we don’t know when. What is worse we know that we cannot do anything about it. DEATH! On these things hang all of man’s miseries, their causes and the opening to see where the cure is located.

For these very reasons some people turn to religion. This includes science-claimed-secular religion and also the narcissistic atheism.

In the science-claimed-secular religion, some scientists try to find meaning in a discipline where meaning is not allowed. Today’s science discipline is not that of Sir Isaac Newton, who spent more time studying and writing about the Bible than science. Yet, most of our science is built upon what he articulated. Rather, today’s secular-science is based upon the idea that the universe brought itself into being for no reason. No one knows how and there is no present science that can describe how the laws of physics came to exist. They just exist. Factually each generation of scientists have a different explanation of “WHAT.” And they add nothing comforting to the “WHEN” of future events nor can they prevent death. Everyone should enjoy themselves as they see fit because there is no purpose, could be its motto.

Atheists have by and large resigned themselves to the narcissistic notion of “let’s eat drink and be merry, because tomorrow we die.” “Everything is about me, could be its motto.” It freely admits the only purpose is what pleases self. Even kindness is because it pleases self. There is no relief found in this group of people. They resign themselves to what they consider to be inevitable.

A belief in religion alone cannot be a solution either, because you can be religious about anything. Even if there is the notion of a supreme being involved, how do you know if it’s true? What keeps you from believing the leaders of that religion, if it tells you to go out and eliminate as many innocent people as possible? Neither killing other people nor doing well will save us from the what and when questions. It certainly will not save us from death, so misery remains prevalent.

We have no hope to be like the worm, though many try and enjoy it for a time. We can put all our time into eating, partying and all kinds of sexual pleasures to drown out these yearnings to be free from this misery, but yet, there is no abiding remedy found in it. Ok, you may say, you just ended all possibilities! Not really.

All religion is man trying to find God. The hope is in God revealing himself to man. There are people enough, all around us, to tell us what God has told them to tell us. But, only God revealing himself to us is the beginning of the answer to this misery. Only a concept of a God who reveals himself and has told us about how the universe began, the purpose for which He created all things and the method He has chosen to get us away from this misery, can suffice. Go ahead, run it around in your mind, and see.

Unlike the worm that doesn’t have the capacity to care about these things, we do. God, who enables us to make the reasoning above, obviously set us above the animal kingdom for the exact purpose of contemplating the solution. The fact that none of the animal kingdom can do so is a testimony that the ability to do so is not necessary for survival, which evolution says is about out maneuvering the competition to survive. There need be no speculation about purpose to survive in nature.

As it is written, “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” So God through nature itself has shown, what is logical, and the only way reason will show to get out of this misery, but it is only the beginning. Though the worm may feel the chemicals of well being cruising through it's body and he react with vigor, doing what he was created for, only man can put a value and purpose on it. Then its also in his capacity to search out the logic, reasons or purposes. In this search for truth, God reveals himself to each individual. It is not going to church and believing any particular brand put upon them, but getting to know God from God himself.

A dog can be taught to do some human things but only from humans. Then he goes back to doing dog stuff, because that is his nature, “That’s who he is.” to borrow today’s way of speaking. He had to be acted upon from outside of himself to get him to do human things. Yet, this did not change him.

The movie Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carey, illustrated quite well what would happen to a dog whose nature had been changed. Remember the dog going to the bathroom, reading a newspaper without any coaching?

We talk about laws of physics, but who can prove that these laws are not just part of a larger set of spiritual laws? No one. We know this, when we follow these laws of physics we can do all sorts of things and nothing works against them. If you violate the rules of electricity, then your TV ceases to function. Violate the biological rules of the eye and it ceases to function. So why is it such a great stretch for people to see that violating some other laws, the Ten Commandments, can bring forth, the cease to function rule, DEATH!

The scr i ptures show that because of these rules that cannot be violated, instead of allowing us utter death, Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, which makes him part of the God family, died in our place. Here the maker of the laws took the penalty. But, doing so made us all lawfully dead. Therein the natural worm (in this analogy, man) is lawfully dead. Being legally dead or a dead man walking is not the end of our troubles. We know that one day the sentence will be realized and all pains and misery will cease, but without life, this alone does us little good.

It is revealed that as Jesus, took on our death, we are to take on his life. Just as he took on our physical self and lawfully took it to death, so through his life force we are transformed in our minds, like the dog in Bruce Almighty. Through this extraordinary set of actions, God through Christ has made it possible for man to do much more than evolve. It is a transformation from natural worm to supernatural being. It is a process. First comes the change in mind and knowledge. Then at the last will come the transformation of the body from natural to spiritual, from mortality to immortality.

It is amazing how many professing Christians do not know this. What can we say about it? The scr i pture tells us that in the last days people will have the FORM of Godliness, but DENY the POWER of it.

Think about it. The power of what I just said above, about God’s salvation. Listen to this, If any profession Christian, is unable to explain competently, lovingly, logically and with words above a natural person’s ability, he or she has not the mind of God in them and have only a form of Godliness without the power of transformation operating in them.

Look, anyone can be trained a little like the dog, but being transformed is on a totally different and higher level. No one can make that change in you but God.

I knew a young man, who contemplated all these things and was found of God. He talked to God as if he was real and not as a formula just to get things or someone that you have to beg because he is hard of hearing.

This young man without any extreme psychological self prodding, many times saw God operating in his life. Just like scr i pture says, “casting all you care on him, because he cares for you.” Now if you had a loving parent that could do anything, let’s face it, you would worry about nothing. In order to have that confidence in God you will have to know him as he reveals himself to you.

A couple of examples in this young man’s life::

He left something at home mistakenly. Now, as he is driving and he sees ahead the police blocking all traffic. He thinks that he could get his Dad’s truck impounded. He says something like; I left that at home, I will end up having my dad’s truck taken or at least a fine. Father, you need to do something. Immediately, as though it was a giant movie screen appeared before him. He saw himself turn off the road at a certain tree. The screen went away, and he knew he was supposed to turn off the road there. Now, this young man was a repairer of TV sets. He got out and talked to the owner of the house about a TV set that needed repairing. He went inside. The conversation lasted no more than nine minutes. When he came back out, the cops whom he had heard was blocking all exits from the area were gone. He calmly thanked God, like it was suppose to happen.

He had a Grandmother whose husband was sick, God did not heal him, but while he visited his Grandmother, he was still a teenager; there appeared a young lady, single parent, who had befriended his grandmother. Apparently, she sometimes stayed with her to help her. She was extraordinarily good looking! She took a liking for him.

An audible voice spoke to him and told him to “be careful, because the young lady will be spending the night.” All that was told him came true and after hearing the audible voice, he was prepared for an unusual night of temptation. A night that could have changed the direction of his life was foretold to him. He was told what and when but it was up to him to use the information properly. There are many more examples, but that is enough, to show how God is not only concerned about what we might consider momentous events, but in our more mundane things also.

But this young man, after believing God and being baptized early in life, had gone to work to find out what God thought about everything he could imagine. He was far from perfect but it mattered not to God. God knew Him. God knew that he was a truth at any cost young person.

This young man had found out that much of professing Christianity believes stuff that others taught them from tradition and is derived from pagan beliefs. I won’t even try to go through any of those beliefs here. That is not what this article is about. Besides, like the worm we all find anything unlike what we are programmed into, somewhat hard to believe. Even Christians who have the transforming going on in their minds are still being influence by their natural biological selves, which reacts like any other natural creature. We are being asked to seek that which is far above our worminess. It is to learn and yearn for more than the natural, because our calling is for mighty and wonderful things.

It is written that the world to come will not be under the power of angels but they and it, will be under our administration, within the purview of God and his anointed one, Jesus.

The governance will always increase and be extant throughout the entire universe or universes, if there is any truth to those scientific speculations. There will be no death, sorry or any pain for the transformed.

Now you understand, the what, when and where of final events. More importantly, there has been a way made for you to do something about them and remove the misery.

Now you understand how the disciples could go out and preach to the world and die for it. They who knew he had risen from the dead and had walked and talked with him afterward. People do not die for something that they know to be a lie. There would be no profit in it.

Now you know how over the centuries people could willingly suffer being eaten by lions, skinned alive or burned at the stake for Christ's sake. Despising the shame because they were persuaded by God in myriads of ways that he would be there for them and they would at the last appear triumphant over all of these things.

Now you should know why this article was written.

By… Bill Sullivan