I used to do this thing all the time and I wonder if you do it too.


I did this thing where I would wake up at some weird time in the morning and lie in bed thinking and worrying about all the things I had not done yet…


I would lie there imagining the worst, wishing I was somewhere else, wishing I had accomplished so much more, wishing I WAS someone for who everything seemed to flow more easily and wondering, wondering when it would be my time.


And needless to say, starting each morning on such a low was not exactly conducive for doing good work. How could it be? It felt as though the day was horrid and evil, even before it had begun.


There were days when it felt so disheartening. I made myself feel so hopeless. And it took getting very firm with my head to break the habit.


The thing about us, Deliberate Millionaires, is that we are very introspective. We are more self-aware than the ‘norms’ and that can be a good thing but also a very bad thing when it is not kept under check.


A good amount of navel-gazing and introspection is required to discover your ‘why’, your calling, your purpose etc but when it becomes aimed at destroying your self-confidence as you consider all the things you are not yet doing, then it can be a force for evil that will destroy you.


And honey, you are in control.


You may not realize it, like I never used to realize, but you ARE IN CONTROL OF IT.


At the moment, every single thing you are lying there imagining… Is a FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION!


The good stuff, the bad stuff has not really happened yet but you are making it come alive by dwelling completely on it. And your actions are following your perceived events.


If you are spending lots of time dwelling on all the negatives of your life then you will act from that place. Your demeanour will be that of someone who is not accomplishing much. Your actions will be more reactive than proactive. There will be a bit of fatalism to everything you do as you start to think that nothing you do, makes a difference anyway. You become your own worst judge and jury and you find yourself wanting.


It affects everything.


And you do not even realize it.


You might start to tell yourself that you are acting realistically but really, you are acting in response to the so-called reality that you imagined up in your head.


The solution to this is of course, to get pretty darned deliberate about what you allow to stay in your head.


As a DM said recently in group, ‘The Mind Plays Tricks’…


And it really does, it makes you think that all that bad stuff you imagined up is anything more than imagination. The truth is, you are not even sure that you are remembering past events accurately so you may say that you are only thinking about the facts. But the facts according to who? What version of yourself? The hurt and broken version of yourself is very likely to see everything as a slur against you whereas the more positive, empowered version of yourself may see that nothing bad was intended towards you.


The mind certainly does play tricks, a lot of the time.


You now want to get it to play tricks in a way that helps you, not hinders you.


So, when you realize that nothing you imagine is completely real until you act based on it and create reality out of it, maybe, just maybe, you want to get a lot more deliberate about what you allow yourself to imagine.


Plant new thoughts and pictures of what you are choosing to create.


Plant new ideas of how thankful you are that dreams are coming true…


Plant new ideals of yourself and how capable you really truly are…


And then allow yourself to take action based on these new thoughts…


These new imaginings…


If none of it is real until you make it so, then surely you see that you can mold your existence with a little mind discipline.


Yes, the mind can play tricks but you can play that game a whole lot better, if you get deliberate about it.


Replace your negative expectations with more empowering ideas…


Even past painful memories can be re-engineered to be more empowering, if you decide you want to. This one is harder to do because mostly, you have built out your personality based on what you believe your past story to be and to mean and so, you are invested in keeping it the same even if it is damaging you.


That is a pity. You keep playing the victim of your story when you refuse to re-engineer it. Hard to hear but it is the truth.


Re-engineer your story! Make it a powerful story of victory and triumph where you are the hero/heroine. Your behaviours and actions will play out from there.


And then in addition to this, choose to lie in bed dredging up things to be thankful for…


Create new pictures of your goals and imagine those…


All the money that is flowing easily to you… Be thankful for it!


All the impact you are having as you step more fully into your role as leader… Be thankful for it!


The awesome loving relationships in your life… Be thankful for them!


How healthy you are… Be thankful for it!


Deliberate design your life in your imagination first and be thankful for it and then allow your actions to come from that place of deliberate decision and empowerment.


Create this as a new habit.


Start today. Start now.


Make a note of today’s date in your journal.


Then tell me where you are in a year’s time.


I promise you that you will be more expanded, more wealthy, more fulfilled…


You will BE MORE!


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.



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