Trophies should be earned, not awarded indiscriminately!

Theoretically, in the interests of "fairness," certain "educators" decided some years ago to prevent "bruising" little egos, playing God really, and doing them a giant disservice, in that they are not being prepared for the real world.

(Coincidentally, Bill Gates wrote an article that backs up everything I am about to say, and if you will email me, I'll give you the link to it.)

What happens to these children is that they emerge from the "educational" cocoon with no concept of reality. This situation also contributes to the "welfare mentality" so rampant in this country.

The kids have no work ethic and are far from being self sufficient. Add to that the fact that most of them are growing up with few or no moral values, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Almost without exception, they are growing up with their heads stuck either in the boob tube or in something called a D.S., or addicted to texting or to drugs, prescription or street. (Many children are being routinely drugged by their own parents to combat a so-called attention deficit disorder, and so they're walking around like zombies.)

At the same time, we also have to take into consideration that they are living in a different world than we had even twenty to thirty years ago. What with the food supply being genetically modified, processed, nuked, etc., what chance do they have, really?

These poor children are not being taught the basics of life at any level... how to care for their bodies, their minds, their morals, their financial affairs, etc.

Children born in today's world are basically unwilling participants in a gigantic roulette game... those who escape physical-mental-sexual abuse growing up are forced to face the world basically unarmed with the fundamental principles that would allow them to thrive and grow as worthwhile citizens.

What to do about it? There appears to be no simple across-the-board solution, but for a starter, "educators" could stop handing out trophies, awards, prizes, rewards, etc. every time a kid moves. And NO ONE should be rewarded for doing the basic things that everyone should be doing. Conversely, EVERYONE should be disciplined for failing to fulfill those basics.

Finally, NO ONE should be pushed up the ladder to the next grade level in any school without showing conclusively that he has mastered his present level. And NO ONE should be allowed to graduate from high school or college without taking AND PASSING a tough final exam.

Hard? Sure! But so is life, so let's at least give the kids a chance by making sure they get the basics they need just to cope. And their little egos will be just fine.

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