This Is Your Time!

Where did the year go? It’s that time again; one year is drawing to a close and is just about ready to pass the baton on to another. Our unful?lled hopes, dreams, aspirations and triumphs will all have to wait in line for another season. The impending holidays represent the best and worst of times for many people. For those who are satis?ed that they have made good progress, this is as good a time as any to celebrate their success. For others it represents a period of uncertainty and provides numerous reasons for them to be fearful.

The annual pilgrimage to the homes of family or friends represents an ordeal that can prove deeply distressing; as questions (that seem to exist without answers) are ?red–off in rapid, endless succession. ‘Why aren’t you married yet?’ ‘When are you going to get promoted from that dead–end job you’ve been doing for years?’ ‘You’ve been slaving away trying to establish your own business for ages and you seemed certain that this year would be better than last — so what happened?’ ‘Isn’t it time you settled down, bought a house and had some kids? — I’m not getting any younger you know!’

Part of the ‘scoring’ process involves us checking items from our cerebral tick list. ‘Did I improve my mentality this year?’ ‘Did I effectively implement any of the life planning I did this time last year?’ ‘Did I ever come to terms with the concept that overcoming my problems is better for my long term well being than any stress management programme imaginable?’ ‘Is my personal con?dence still intact after the various dramas I’ve had to endure this year?’

The list of potential questions is very long indeed, but do not despair.

The great thing about the close of one year and the beckoning of a brand new one is the knowledge that we get another chance to do better. Let 2010 be the year that you sincerely endeavour to learn more; not just to try harder using the same mindset as in previous years. Try in this coming year to increase the mutual bene?ts derived from edifying friendships and positive associations; whilst limiting or eradicating altogether those that serve to drain away your mental resources.

But don’t even think about setting new life goals without ?rst obtaining new information. You can change your life outcomes if you make better choices than you did previously, but how can you make superior choices without ?rst improving the calibre of principles that shape your decision–making process?

Always remember that you were designed to be successful (which is why failure feels so uncomfortable). Never lose sight of your personal potential and keep in mind the simple truth that the natural gifts you already possess represent your best opportunity to do well in life.

Don’t let stress erode your quality of life; conquer your problems rather than merely learning new ways of coping with them. Hope and expectation are like two peas in a pod; one without the other just won’t do! You should hope to be happy and expect to be ful?lled — you deserve nothing less, and can aspire to little more. ‘This is your moment; this is your time to truly succeed.’

Errol Michael Henry

Author's Bio: 

Errol Michael Henry is a successful businessman and Personal Development Specialist with a ferocious work ethic, a “can do” attitude and an inability to give anything less than 100%. Above all, he is extremely passionate about the truth and the well being of others. Henry is the Founder and CEO of Matters 4 Life Ltd and is also the author of ‘The Better Life Guide’ and ‘The Fear Factor’.

Power For Your Life is a site where you can look forward to the coming year with hope and new opportunities to improve your life both personally and professionally. Anxiety, which can sometimes arise during the holiday season should be countered with confidence in your personal potential; which provides you with a platform upon which you can build a successful future for yourself regardless of past events.
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