This is the third article in a series on Breathwork Practice. First we talked about the Two Basic Aspects of Breathwork, then we discussed Two Core Techniques in the Practice.

This month, I’d like to talk about the 3 Convergences in Breathwork.

Some people will find that they have already been applying these breathwork secrets intuitively, without realizing it.

And some people will see here a framework within which all breathing methods, styles and schools fit. In fact, every breathwork teacher or practitioner must apply them in their own way, because all the benefits of breathwork depend on these three convergences:

1. The Convergence of Consciousness and Breathing
2. The Convergence of Consciousness and Relaxation
3. The Convergence of Breathing and Relaxation

The first convergence in the practice of breathwork. We first focus on bringing together consciousness and breathing. Most of the time we breathe unconsciously. Most of the time we are simply unaware of our breathing. And so we need to compensate for that with periods of mindful breathing.

For lack of a better word, “magic” is possible when we become consciously aware of our breathing; when we practice mindful breathing, it changes our life! That’s the first convergence: bringing together consciousness and breath.

As you begin a daily conscious breathing practice, you will dramatically increase your internal awareness as well as situational awareness; you will begin to improve and enhance your health and wellbeing.

When you master conscious breathing, you will naturally experience more comfort and pleasure, more success and ease, in life, relationships, work, and sports.

Whenever you bring consciousness and energy together, you create something. That is the creative process: bringing consciousness and energy together. You awaken creative energy when you practice conscious breathing.

The more conscious we become of our breathing, the more conscious we become of everything: our energy, our thoughts, our words, our posture, our behavior, our reactions, our environment, and even the thoughts and feelings of other people!

Bringing together consciousness and relaxation is the second convergence. The fact is, when you are most relaxed, you are literally sleeping! You are actually asleep during the most relaxed moments of your life.

Think about that! You are not conscious in those moments when you are most relaxed. And so you have never had a waking experienced pure relaxation.

In fact, it is as if nature or life has to get you out of the way in order for your body to relax and rejuvenate itself.

Your ordinary consciousness, filled and busy as it is with all its thoughts and mental activity, actually interferes in the body’s ability to relax. And so nature sees to it that you disappear every night. Sleep gives your body a break from you!

Being wide awake and totally relaxed at the same time is so rare that when it occurs, it feels like a peak religious experience! People talk about it as a peace that passes understanding.

They describe the experience as bliss, ecstasy, a feeling of pure joy. This is all a natural benefit of bringing together consciousness and relaxation: of mastering the second convergence in breathwork.

The third convergence is bringing together breathing and relaxation. This is an art, a skill, and something you want to master at any cost.

Usually when people breathe in a powerful way, they don’t relax. And when they relax completely, they don’t breathe. The more they breathe, the less they relax. The more they relax, the less they breathe.

This is the normal experience of people who have not practiced. And in breathwork, we change that around. We apply the principle of economy: we focus on accomplishing breathing fully and freely, deeply and powerfully, using the least amount of muscular effort.

Breath Mastery requires bringing together powerful breathing and complete relaxation, with awareness. This is the key to the most healing, empowering and enlightening results and benefits in breathwork.

Master these Three Convergences. You will enjoy unending benefits! Remember that making use of a well trained coach or even a fellow breathing student can accelerate your progress.

Make sure to take part in a local breathing circle, breathwork gathering. If no one is organizing them in your area, then you need to do it! Write to us, and we will help you with your practice and guide you in organizing a Breathing Circle in your community.

All for now.
Good luck in your practice!

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