Migraine headache slows down our daily routine and sometimes it may halt our chores for a day or two. Modern world life styles push people to a whirlpool of work and stress. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet worsens the matter. This is a very favorable condition for migraine headache to spring up. Here are a few tips which will help to control migraine attacks.
1. Avoid exposure to severe weather conditions.
2. Wear a hat or cap when you have to walk in hot sun.
3. Do not consume very cold beverages. Leave them until they are at room temperature.
4. Strictly avoid ice creams, banana, chocolates (cocoa) and soft drinks.
5. Usually acidity or gastric irritation triggers migraine headache. Hence avoid foods which cause acidity.
6. Some may experience migraine attack after a meal containing Deep fried foods or spices or green chilli or cheese.
7. Make a note of foods and daily activities which might have precipitated an attack. This helps you to get an idea about the food and activities which have to be avoided.
8. Regular exercise helps to keep migraine at bay. Walking at a moderate speed is an ideal exercise.
9. Sleep well at night. Regular sleep pattern prevents migraine attacks.
10. Drink plenty of water. When body is hydrated well, chances of getting migraine reduces.
11. Stress is the major cause for migraine headaches. Involve in stress busting activities like Yoga, Meditation, deep breathing exercises etc.
12. When you feel stressed and tiered take a foot massage and foot bath. This relaxes body and mind. According massage therapists migraine headache can be relieved by massaging the pressure points on foot.
13. Avoid over physical exertion.
14. Keep away from tobacco, alcohol, marijuana etc which cause addiction.

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