Finding out that the only person that you love and trust the most in this world has cheated on you it is the most painful experience that someone can live. In order to catch you cheating husband you have to look for some evident signs of a husband having an affair. Telling your husband that you suspect him for having an affair is very difficult but first you have to accept that there is a real possibility that he is cheating on you.

Here are 5 common signs of a husband having an affair:

1. One first infidelity sign is when you see changes in his work schedule and routine. He is starting to work overtime in the last weeks or months more than usual. Unexpected meetings at work and staying late in the night to his computer are some of those signs of a husband having an affair that can easily give him away.

2. Other signs of a husband having an affair is when he is becoming more preoccupied about his physical appearance and tries to look his best, more than usual. He changed his clothing style, he is buying new clothes, he is spending more time looking in the mirror.

3. Look for changes in his behavior. Changes like the missing of conversations between you two, he is not enjoying spending time with you any more, he is avoiding physical contact with you. This is a very confusing situation for him too because any person who is cheating is having a hard time dealing with the internal conflict. But observing the first signs of a husband having an affair can give you an advantage in finding out about the affair sooner.

4. Check his cell phone for unknown numbers and calls at late hours and also check on his computer the history of sites that he visited lately. If you find that the history has been deleted this can mean that he has something to hide. These signs of a husband having an affair can he harder to observe but if you persevere you will find exactly what you need.

5. There are some really obvious signs of a husband having an affair than can not be confused with something else. Does he come home with a strange perfume smell on his clothes and even in his car? You can also look for strains of hair on his clothes and in his car and even for lipstick traces on his shirt. These are the most incriminating signs of a husband having an affair and a certainty that your husband is having an affair.

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