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In the garden of gentle sanity,
May you be bombarded by coconuts of wakefulness”
―Chögyam Trungpa

Dear One,
If you’ve been feeling bombarded like never before by all the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, which has been a stress test of how stable and resilient we are at the core of Being, then you’re exactly right on schedule. For, even with the US Election Day mostly behind us, many of us are still reverberating with trauma from four years of trying hard not to be adversely affected by the darker side of the Kali Yuga, even if we’ve been successful with maintaining the witnessing perspective of the Soul most of the time.

On the astrological front, we’re entering our bi-annual Eclipse season which always ramps up the intensity as it sets the tone and themes for the next six months and beyond. It kicks off with a Lunar Eclipse on November 30 in Gemini, which I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite some time.

That is because this Full Moon Eclipse (a time of culmination and endings in which the ancients believed “The mighty will fall”) exactly conjuncts Trump’s natal dharmic North Node, Sun and Uranus stellium in Gemini in his 10th house of career, just as he is in the midst of his 19-year nodal return. This means that the next phase of his karmic journey is falling into place.

Consequently, if he’s been good, he’ll be rewarded and, if he’s been very, very bad, (albeit true to his sociopathic, trickster nature), it signifies a fall from grace, especially affecting his emotional state (as the transiting South Node of Karma is moving towards his natal Moon, in addition to the fact that he was born on a Lunar Eclipse and thus is especially sensitized to its effects in a major way).

So, while we will get to observe Trump’s karmauppance playing out on the world stage over the next few years without doubt, it’s important to, not just grab the popcorn, but also try to maintain the Witness with compassion.

Then, we have an extremely potent Total Solar Eclipse on December 14 in Sagittarius challenged by an opposition to the transiting North Node of Destiny. This New Moon Eclipse kicks off a very new cycle as it’s immediately followed by Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius on the 16th and 19th respectively and then conjuncting exactly on the Winter Solstice on December 21. Wow! Talk about multiple indicators that we’re finally entering the Age of Aquarius with a very positive bang.

December 14 is called Safe Harbor Day. It’s when all the electors from each state cast their votes. With the New Moon Total Eclipse in optimistic, Jupiter-ruling Sag, this day indicates the initiating of a complete reboot of the level of the state of play in the evolution of consciousness and an entirely new paradigm of the Earth Game being birthed. YAY!

All the above being said, it’s especially important to be cognizant of the fact that the external, visible reality of the Earth Game is only half of the stressors we’ve been under. For, while it’s human nature to focus on the more tangible effects of the horizontal onslaught of how the pandemic and the US presidential election have affected us personally and globally, we’re also being hit vertically by the next phase of the Quickening moving in.

In fact, over the last few months especially, there has been an unprecedented overloading of our nervous systems and physical bodies by a sizable uptick in these high-speed psychic frequencies being downloaded into each and every one of us and the Earth Plane itself. So, if you’ve been feeling as if you’re under a barrage of stress-inducing, exhausting energies, above and beyond current events externally, then, you’re right on schedule, here as well.

I’ve been writing about the Quickening since the 1990s and have been feeling its effects since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. But, in the last few years, we’ve been experiencing an extraordinary, ever-increasing surge of higher frequency waves inundating the Earth. The last time I wrote about the Quickening at length was as it entered Phase III in my annual “Coming Attractions” newsletter for 2019, which was titled (believe or not:)):

How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic

What is the Quickening? I describe it as the continuous, unrelenting acceleration of planetary, galactic and cosmic energies heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness.

In the last few years, if you’ve been feeling more easily exhausted, destabilized, ungrounded and down-right dizzy, it means that you’re psychically sensitive enough to be experiencing some of the brand-new special effects of the Cosmic Flu, all brought on by the Quickening, now escalating into Phase IV.

Based on my overall read of the force of how these current energies are affecting us, I’ve concluded that we’ve entered the next level of this ongoing bombardment as we are receiving the maximum-speed of vibrational power that human beings have ever had to contend with to date.

The Quickening is affecting everyone, but for those of us who are psychically open, it can be especially uncomfortable, even though the ultimate outcome is positive: The ability to handle more “juice” with an expanded consciousness of Being.

In the meantime, we may feel as if we have what I call the Cosmic Flu, (aka psychic flu). This is a confluence of symptoms that many finely-tuned souls have been experiencing cyclically for decades—including me. The main symptoms can be combinations of: Fatigue, body aches, joint pain, structural instability, nervousness, free-floating anxiety (aka metaphysical angst), restless sleep, overactive dream states, brain fog and feelings that the ego-identity is disintegrating.

But now, as we enter Phase IV, the energies flooding us are not just vertical anymore, but horizontally as well. Therefore, we’re being hit simultaneously by the denser, cumulative energies of the mass consciousness and the karma of the world.

The one/two punch of this energetic blitzkrieg can leave us feeling even more unsteady, with episodes of vertigo and short-term memory loss, as we’re are getting knocked out of linear space and time more and more. So now, we’re all being affected by these accelerating frequencies in different ways—vertically and horizontally—dependent on our level of conscious soul evolution.

One might ask “Which came first: The Cosmic Flu vertically or the Covid-19 pandemic horizontally?” Well, the answer is obvious to those of us on spiritual paths of awakening. It’s always an inside job first. This means that the Quickening has gone from just manifesting inside of us as the Cosmic Flu, to somatizing outward into the world-wide pandemic we’re all being affected by.

This gives us an idea of just how potent these manifesting cocreative energies are in bringing us all together on the planet as we evolve towards unity consciousness (aka One Being with billions of faces). With the global pandemic, we now all have a common problem and a common cure—in that we’re all in this together, regardless of any arbitrary external boundaries or divisions—of race, country, class or religious beliefs. Powerful stuff!

Just after typing the above channeled info, I heard a news conference from the head of the WHO, who said (re the global distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine): “Nobody is safe, until everybody is safe.” Love the synchronicity!

In 2016, I was getting internally psychically rewired for the third time in this incarnation (it happens every twenty years so). These rewirings allow me to handle more juice without frying my nervous system. It got so intense, as I was also being downloaded with the entire Akashic Records (aka the continuously evolving soul records of karmic gains and losses)—that I somatized by literally blowing out the electrical wiring in my apartment, so that it had to be completely rewired from 20 amps to 60 amps.

In the last few months, the downloads have again gotten so extreme that I’ve been passing out almost daily, culminating on Election Day Eve, when my landline and WIFI got blown out. After two weeks of waiting fruitlessly for repairs involving major new construction of underground cables for my entire neighborhood, I switched to a 100X faster internet connection and now am speeding along internally with a much wider bandwidth with higher frequencies running through my vertical channel and externally in my relationship with all of you and Life itself. Yay:)!

The cause of the Cosmic Flu symptoms is that the continuous transfusion of higher frequency galactic energies is much more than the “normal” body’s nervous system and psychic circuitry can handle without difficulty. Our job is to learn how to adapt our physical vessels to handle these higher vibrations as a “new normal” way of Being or, during this adjustment period, experience the consequences.

But adapting is easier said than done, as during this almost continuous rewiring and downloading process, whenever our nervous systems and psychic circuitry get overloaded, our circuit breakers shut down the system so that we don’t blow a fuse, which can make us feel very sleepy. When I do channeled readings in-person, I need to remind clients to breathe deeply and focus on their grounding to the earth as, otherwise, I have had more and more of them pass out or go unconscious in the middle of their session.

Consequently, for several years now, I’ve been experiencing the daily need to take naps or, at times, have even passed out as my new normal. So, I’ve had to adjust my work schedule around the need for this daily downtime. This reminds me of how sleepy I used to get when I was learning how to run more psychic energy than my nervous system could comfortably handle in the early 1970s before I was rewired for the first time.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, I know that it can feel debilitating, uncomfortable bordering on painful and, at times, alarming—especially if you don’t know what is happening to you—or why you feel under continuous psychic attack with a cyclical increase in mental and emotional disturbance and instability.

I’ve been very aware that the Quickening, now in Phase IV, has moved to a much higher and deeper level of intensity in 2020, exacerbated by periods of solar flares and dark matter effects which, while occurring at regular intervals throughout the year, have been getting more frequent and extreme this year.

Some of the side-effects of this intense download of energies include: Overtaxed nervous systems, strained psychic circuitry, disturbed sleep, overactive dream states, unexplainable fatigue and exhaustion, feelings of structural instability and joint pain, irrational anxiety and brain fog.

In addition: Dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, heart palpitations, inability to digest heavy foods, skin eruptions, diarrhea, weeping, hysteria, feeling as if you’re dying, and the falling away of external attachments to whatever used to give life meaning.

I’ve also been hearing from more and more clients, especially the psychically sensitive ones—like canaries in a psychic diamond mine—that their fear is that they’re getting physically sick, with overheating, exhaustion, shortness of breath, hypervigilance and passing out, in addition to many of the other symptoms of the Cosmic Flu already mentioned.

Therefore, it’s paramount that we remind ourselves daily that any new symptoms associated with this upsurge are coming from psychic frequencies as their root cause. And, yes, I’ve had a complete physical check-up (just to be on the safe side) which revealed nothing out of the ordinary—which is, of course, good news.

It’s more than time to start working with all of the various symptoms in the ever-growing list of this Cosmic Flu pandemic from a spiritual perspective. As, whenever Life pushes at us like this, it literally forces us to gather our forces, get stronger and grow more internally stable as a form of what I call spiritual resistance training. And, now more than ever before, we’re moving into a period of just such intensive training.

The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve found a solution that helps maintain my sanity and equanimity on a daily basis. In addition to Taoist practices to ground and stabilize the physical vessel and dissolve anxiety, I’ve developed new and improved psychic empowerment practices to handle these energies in ways that keep me peaceful and at least semi-functional as a trance channel in NYC for over almost fifty years. (No small feat:)!)

Here are the key daily practices:

Knowing that you’re not physically sick in the traditional Western medical sense of having a physical cause, treatment and cure for your psychic symptoms, especially when they manifest through the physical body. (Many of my clients were so concerned about their symptoms that they also had complete physicals just to be on the safe side and all tests were normal.)
Taoist standing chi gung to ground the energy and Taoist sitting meditation to stay centered and internally stable.
Psychic empowerment practices to handle the feelings of being energetically under assault vertically and horizontally.

For details:
Psychic Empowerment Practices
Taoist Practice MP3s for $20.00

On a personal note, even with doing the practices listed above, I’ve still had to adjust my daily schedule in the last years to accommodate more rest periods, naps, and time outs in-between working with clients, computer work or physical activity. I’ve learned to accept my extreme swings of physical energy—fully “on,” and then completely “off,” and not push the energy envelope too much, as I’ve learned that I’ll pay for it the next day by having to stay in, rest and replenish. In other words, a day when I play “in-valid” and surrender to just Being, with minimal doing.

I think that all of us who are being affected by the Cosmic Flu need to give ourselves permission to be human Beings, instead of human doings. I know this may be difficult for those of us with over-full and busy lives: Hectic work schedules, bills to play and loved ones to look after. However, in the last year, the quarantines brought on by the pandemic has allowed us more permission—externally sanctioned—to rely more on inner sources for validation of our Being.

But however impossible it may feel to add on more rest breaks and just BE, with the Quickening affecting more of us, isn’t it better to wind down some of the hyper-active ego achieving horizontally, and focus on more vertical communing with Source and pure Being, before we’re absolutely forced to?

This also includes cultivating more compassion and loving kindness and less judgement when it comes to how we view those who are debilitated in their capacities to be “doers” by their ongoing Cosmic Flu or COVID-19 long-haul symptoms, whether emotionally, mentally, physically or all of the above.

Just as ever-increasing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and global warming are creating bigger cracks in the Earth these days, so too are the higher frequency galactic energies now bombarding the planet creating bigger cracks in each and every one of us, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

Is this good news or bad news? Well, time will tell, as it always does but, in my view, these accelerating energies of the Quickening are heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of human consciousness. If we look around us, we can surely see the major split in the mass consciousness between those who are opening to these energies and awakening in the Light and those who aren’t yet out of fear and ignorance.

So, while we can expect some “bumps in the road” as the next Great Age moves in with increasing velocity, it’s important not to indulge in the wasted energy of worry, anxiety or, what I like to call, metaphysical angst, as it will all even out over the next few millennia. Taoists maintain a very long-range perspective on the Earth Game:).

The first stage in this consciousness evolution is to allow the Quickening to “encourage” us to crack open and allow our wounds to open and rise to the surface to be healed on all levels—karmic, mental, emotional and physical—so there will be more room for Light to flow in.

Another way to look at our Cosmic Flu symptoms is that the Quickening is helping us become more evolved, awake human Beings. These symptoms “encourage” us to feed our souls more, rather than just being human “doings” caught in the rat race of feeding the ego more through external validation in this age of spiritual materialism.

Because we are still in the very early stages of this energetic metamorphosis, the Universe is working on us in a way akin to psychic surgery. This means that the naps or passing out are a necessary anesthesia, a time-out (of linear time) that may best be viewed as gifts from the Divine—just as everything we experience is, even though they may appear, at times, gift-wrapped in distressing disguises.

On a positive last note: As mentioned, on December 21, 2020 we’ll have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius which, without doubt, any astrologer would say is a huge beacon of hope. Then, in 2023, Pluto will move into Aquarius until 2042 and during this period everything will slowly start being transformed. We’ll get to witness all the old values of Pluto in Capricorn falling away.

This means that money, materialism, external power and mindless consumerism will be gradually replaced with the Aquarian ideals of honoring the higher mind and intuition, more global collaboration and a deeper multi-dimensional understanding of the world as our new collective priorities.

In 2021 and beyond, as we witness more divine order-ly chaos on the mass playing field, we’re being given the opportunity to step up the level of our game with the assistance of the Quickening.

Here are my personal reminders to support this upgrade in consciousness:
I. Always maintain the witnessing perspective, which allows me to never take anything personally, no matter what is going on.
II. Keep in mind the deepest secret of Tantra: Accept everything just as it is in the moment. Resistance creates suffering. Here’s a practice: a) Lean into the pain, fatigue, desire, sadness or whatever is arising. b) Become one with it until it consumes and dissolves you. c) Experience being reborn from the ashes with a half-smile.
III. The Flow of Life is not under my control; my true power lies in how I choose to respond and move with it.
IV. If I go for healing and growth in any situation and simultaneously enjoy the ride, I’ll have no regrets later.

In closing, I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that we’re only on the threshold of the next Great Age in the sign of Aquarius, which will last for over 2000 years. Thus, the higher-frequency galactic energies bombarding us—while necessary to kick-start this new stage in the evolution of human consciousness—are also playing havoc with all levels of our bodies, from the psychic to the physical. We are all becoming evolutionary guinea pigs in the vanguard of this New Age.

So, how do we make the most of this particularly challenging time with its overabundance of what I call FGOs (f**kin growth opportunities) coming our way? And, especially, how do we best prepare ourselves to live in an empowering way in what can feel like a psychic combat zone—besides just yelling “Incoming!” and hiding our heads under the covers?

Since there are infinite levels of heaven and hell, all available to be experienced—right here and right now—we always have a free will choice to live with internal freedom and at peace within our conditions—no matter how difficult. That’s why I’ve chosen to call the present period: “The bardo of bombardment.” In Tibetan Buddhism, a bardo traditionally refers to a state or plane of consciousness that is sort of in-between—or in limbo—between two other states.

Our new normal is learning how to live as if we are in-between the old 3D ways of being in this relative plane and simultaneously becoming acclimated to being in 5D and beyond while fully embodied. The culmination of this bardo period will be an expansion of the range of Being vertically and horizontally so that, ultimately, we’ll all identify as multidimensional Beings experiencing an earthly sojourn.

So, accepting the spiritual resistance training of Life externally and the Quickening internally both pushing at us to make us stronger and more stable will allow us to ultimately reach a point—outside of linear space and time—where inner and outer realities become One in the Eternal Now.

And, finally, here are my soul-level resolutions for 2021 and beyond:
I. Enjoy the ride today—even more—by acting as if each day is our last . . . and smile.
II. Hold the faith that: Life goes on, our Souls live on and that which we have always been seeking—Source—has been inside us all along . . . and smile.
III. Be grateful that Life is doing its damnedest to help us remember why we are truly here . . . and just keep on smiling.

Wishing us all a soul-sourced equanimity as we awaken and open our hearts more to our true identity of pure Being. Wishing us a year of dancing with whatever is in the Flow with neither attachment nor aversion to timing or outcomes. And, so it is.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” —Albert Einstein

“Wise beings can be peaceful in the midst of chaos, experiencing delight in the changing play of forms.”—Ram Dass


Author's Bio: 

JOAN PANCOE is a gifted trance channel, karmic astrologer and spiritual teacher in private practice in New York City since 1976.

She is the creator of psychic therapy, ™ a ten-session intensive that utilizes altered states to help release karmic blocks and experience and integrate the soul level of consciousness.

Joan is the author of Openings: A Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World and Cosmic Sugar: The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic, under the pen name, Leela Jones.

In addition, she is a teacher of Tantric and Taoist energy arts and has had three solo shows of her art in New York City.