Getting more buyers and making more sales online is a result of the volume of traffic you can drive to your website and articles. Thus, traffic is the life-blood of any online business, and evidently one of the most sought after "commodities" by internet marketers as well as home and small business owners. For anyone building on a budget, getting free sources of fast, high quality and targeted traffic to articles and websites is a concern, especially if you are challenged at Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In this article you will learn eight different untapped methods to get tons of traffic to every single article you write. It's one of the strategies in a new web traffic course I just got, containing over 20 methods - it's Traffic Dashboard course created by Kim Roach.

You'll learn, in this article, how a single article can bring you over 10 times traffic and page views than you used to get. Let's quickly get into how you can get 10 times more traffic using "The 10X Traffic Method" from the Traffic Dashboard.

Step 1: Write and Submit an Article
Write an article and submit your article to your blog and/or top 10 article directories.
Good contents easily get shared – people retweet, email, share on facebook and other channels. Your content has to be damn good if you want to attract. If you are going to be using these strategies I am sharing, it means you’d be able to cut down on the number of articles you produce because just one can bring over 1,650 visitors every month.
Why not spend a fraction of the time you take to write many low quality articles which put together have produced only but drips of traffic to your website. I hope you get my point here – you want to create an article that develops wings and make people want to share it freely. That would be like turning your readers into a life traffic getting machine, but they will read it, say thank you and share it. Cool huh?

Step 2 – Ping URLs of Published Articles
Now copy the URL of every article you published in step 1 above and ping each one using pingler or pingoat.

Step 3 -Social Media Surge
Take the URL of each article you submitted and Social bookmark to 46 Social Bookmarking Sites using a combination or and Hootsuite to get 100% auto-submit.
To get the 100% auto-submit feature, add your account as a network under your Hootsuite account – that way you update only Hotsuite once which in turn automatically updates each of the 46 social media sites supported in Both tools are completely free.
Note that you need to setup accounts with both Hootsuite and, and then create accounts in each of the Social sites supported by You can create a few accounts daily until you complete all or you get someone to do it for you. Note that you’ll only do it once.

Step 4 – Turn that Article into a PowerPoint Presentation
Put the main points of that article in a PowerPoint Presentation and distribute to top 5 slide presentation (document) sharing sites such as,, and
Put each main point in your article in a PowerPoint slide – 1 slide for 1 main point. Ensure to add images in the slides and a link to your blog and the full article at beginning and end of presentation.

Step 5 - Create an audio podcast out of that article
You can use any of 2 methods (i) either record yourself reading the article aloud, using audacity- a free software. Then submit the audio as a podcast to podcast sharing sites such as iTunes

Step 6 - Create a video out of that article
You can do this in any of 3 ways: (i) record yourself on the screen presenting that PowerPoint presentation you made in the step above OR (ii) Cast the PowerPoint presentation on screen, with you in the background going over it - that is, if you are not comfortable with showing yourself on screen (iii) merge the audio podcast you already created with the PowerPoint presentation you already created too, so that you'll have a single video file. You can use Camtasia Studio (paid tool) or camstudio (free) to create new videos or merge your audio and presentation files. Next, submit your video to top 5 video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo - u can use free tubemogul or traffic geyser (paid) to automate this.

Step 7 – Convert Article to PDF
Convert your article into a PDF (like eBook) format and submit to top eBook directories such as, and also to top document sharing sites like scribd and docstoc.

Step 8- Ping the URL of Every Article You Just Distributed
Ping every single URL of your articles and submissions (audio, pdf, video etc) in every location you submitted them

Step 9 - Update your Social Sites
Update all your media and social bookmarking sites about your posts, including their titles and URLs (FB, Twitter, MySpace, Digg etc)

Step 10 - Submit Contents' RSS Feeds to RSS Aggregators
Here again you will use the URLs of all of the different contents (PDFs, videos, podcasts etc) to create RSS feeds using RSS builders such as Ice Rocket. After this submit your contents RSS feed to RSS aggregators like Feedag.

Are you beginning to see how you can literally extend the power of just a single article and give it wings to reach more than 10 times the usual number of audience?

Now imagine getting 10 unique visitors every month from each of those places? That would easily get you up to 1000 visitors for only one article, month after month and year after year.

Just to give you an example, I submitted two of my articles re-purposed in PDF format on Scribd and got over 500 views within 2 days - 1 article.

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