Alright, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve all thought it before. It’s that plague of “I want to, but I can’t because _________.” It’s happened to the best of us and I guarantee it’s a monster that will always loom in the shadows of our ambitions. This is particularly true when it comes to your exercising and your diet. Everyone wants to be healthy, live longer, be more active. You name it. Why don’t we just......?

Well, as they say old habits die hard. There is no other way to tackle this problem other than JUST DO IT! (sound familiar?) Yesterday, I made a decision. I decided that, whether I had the time or not, I was going to go walking. I almost chickened out! People had been calling me all day to help them out, do this or that, go here. Blah blah blah, responsibilities.

What did I do?

I turned my phone off. Unthinkable, maybe. I was nervous about it, definitely. But, after I did that I felt so much better that I grabbed my walking shoes, I already had on my HEALTH shirt, and headed out the door. I walked for as long as it took me to relax.

I didn’t over work myself and I didn’t burn myself out. I walked until I was satisfied and you know what? It felt so good that I’m going to do it again tonight!

Sometimes we just have to turn off, tune out, unplug, and GO. It’ll all be there when you get back. When I got back home, sure I missed some calls. But, I got everything taken care of without any problems. People missed me, but no one was angry. No one was stressing out, especially not me after such a nice walk!

So here’s my LUCKY THOUGHT today, put a HEALTH shirt on and get out the door! Remember not to spend another day saying “I wish I could.” You’ll feel so much better, so much more on the level, and much less stressed. Let go, get up, and take care of yourself.

Good Luck!

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WEAR LUCK is about women who have all of this going on in their lives without much time for themselves. They're always putting themselves behind the scenes and cleaning up the stage when the show's over. Do they ever have time to take a bow? It's high time you stood in the spotlight and did something for yourself. We're not saying abandon all your obligations, but if you let yourself get worn down and weary who else is going to keep things organized?

It's hard to remember just what is needed to keep things in a healthy balance, but we're here to help. Our shirts are more than just stylish apparel, they're reminders. Each shirt fits into a category of overall health and when you put it on you're making a promise to yourself to take time for that category on that day.