You are such a happy baby! No matter who or what you become in this life, I will love you the same as this very moment. I will be proud of you no matter what! I will respect you for being you. I will love you forever, unconditionally.

My darling husband, you have your faults and I have mine. We have looked past them and into each other’s eyes. I will love you forever, unconditionally.

I release all of my expectations of you. I release all thoughts and notions of what I perceive to be right and wrong. You see, each of our lives is built on everyone else’s expectations and their perceptions of what our life has to be like. It is when this happens that a person doesn’t have the opportunity to live their own life; they are trapped living someone else’s.

People stumble and fall; they also achieve much greatness in their life. Let someone come up and ask you your opinion about something; don’t just start stating yours, stop being judgmental. Release all that you know, and learn to love everyone unconditionally, with no expectations, no opinion, and no disrespect. Of course you teach children right from wrong, you teach them to always do their best; you teach them to always challenge themselves, but you can’t live their life for them. If you look at your daughter, husband, niece, nephew, etc.; imagine them as a child. You would love that child unconditionally; it shouldn’t stop because they have grown.

We own our own souls. Where we end up in life is a result of our own making. Don’t judge someone, just love them unconditionally and accept them for who they are and the choices that they make. Sometimes people have to go down the wrong road so that it will lead them to the right road. If they don’t end up on the right road, it was their journey to begin with, not yours.

This life journey that we’re on is not about what you have or don’t have; it’s about each breath you take. You can have everything that you want and still be a miserable person. You can have very little and be a miserable person. The key is to be happy with your soul. If you are happy with your soul you will also be happy with others.

We are here to help others. The key here is to help others and not to judge them. If you pass judgment on someone you are belittling that person. How can you possibly help someone out by belittling them? This is where actions and attitude are the same. If you give a homeless person a meal to eat but on the inside you are judging that person for being homeless, ask yourself; are you truly helping that person? Love and treat that person as if they were just born, see in them the possibilities that they cannot see. Love, unconditionally!

Just be happy! Greet each other with open arms and a heartwarming smile. Release all the nonsense and make each moment count.

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