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What is hair transplant?

Follicular grafts from the donor area are harvested during a cosmetic, minimally invasive surgical technique known as a hair transplant. This decision is made based on the density of the donor area's existing hair. After being designed for a hairline, these extracted hair grafts are subsequently transplanted to the chosen recipient's bald area.

The two main hair transplant techniques can be distinguished based on the method used to harvest the grafts. The FUT hair transplant process involves taking a small piece of scalp tissue from the donor location, moving it to the graft separation area, and then further dissecting each individual follicle and the necessary number of surrounding tissues. The chosen recipient site for the transplant of these dissected hair follicles is a bald area.

With the aid of a surgical tool, individual hair follicular grafts are extracted during the FUE process, and these grafts are then transplanted at the recipient location.
A more recent method for treating severe baldness is a combination of FUT and FUE, which allows for the harvesting of more than 4000 grafts and has additional advantages over either method used alone.

Surgical steps in hair transplant procedure?

Several procedures are carried out at a single session for hair transplantation, including:

1. Depending on the hair transplant technique chosen, the head is shaved. In the FUT hair transplant procedure, just the donor area from which the strip must be collected is shaved. As individual grafts are retrieved from the donor area using FUE hair transplant techniques, the entire head must be completely shaved.

2. Both the donor area and the recipient area are given local anaesthesia after shaving the head. The preferred method differs from clinic to clinic; some prefer to deliver total anaesthesia in a single dose, while others administer it first at the donor site and then again after harvesting the grafts at the recipient location.

3. To avoid overharvesting, the follicular grafts are carefully harvested while taking into account the safe donor area. Every treatment is carried out using a powerful loop magnifier. According to the technique used and the patients' circumstances, the grafts are harvested.

4. The donor site is then closed, preferably with trichophytic closure, which is employed to deliver an almost undetectable scar, in the case of the FUT procedure.

5. Slitting, a procedure, is used to prepare the recipient site. Slitting must be done carefully in order to get results that look natural.

6. The hair transplants that are harvested from the donor site are then inserted into the recipient site's slits.

7. For a natural-looking hairline, single thin grafts are preferred in the front line and the temporal triangles. To provide maximum coverage or a fuller appearance, numerous thick grafts are planted in the back rows.

8. During the hair transplant process, microscopic clots form around the transplanted hairs. These clots are cleaned out the next day by the hospital's skilled staff.

9. You should adhere to the list of instructions provided to you following the procedure, exactly as your hair transplant surgeon has instructed.

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