My first introduction to hearing vocal harmonics came from listening to recordings many years ago. I heard the harmonic sounds and tried to duplicate them. Later on, I studied with masters of the harmonic voice from many different traditions. Yet, there are now many individuals who hear and consciously create vocal harmonics quite naturally within their own sounds during sacred sounding. The question is why?

Harmonics, as we discussed last time, have always been around, for they are simply an aspect of the physics of vibration. Vocal harmonics have also always occurred--particularly when individuals would sound elongated vowel sounds. However, the awareness of these sounds is new. They have always existed, but people have not been able to hear them until now. Once again, we ask you why?

An answer is that harmonics are very much like the aura of a sound. It is not a totally correct analogy, but it will do for the moment. Auras have always existed around the physical body of individuals, yet knowledge of these auras, let alone the ability to see them, was restricted to a very select group of individuals. Until now. Now, it is not uncommon for people to begin to develop the ability to see auras on their own, or to learn techniques to develop this ability through reading a book or taking a workshop. In the same way, awareness and development of the ability to create vocal harmonics is occurring. It all has to do with the shifts in consciousness and in the vibratory rate of the planet and its occupants.

To begin with, when one develops the ability to hear vocal harmonics, it is though new connections in the brain have occurred and this is exactly what does happens. As one develops this ability to become aware of and hear vocal harmonics, and then consciously learn to create them, astounding things are experienced.

The sense of hearing is one of the most extraordinary on the planet. One begins to develop this sense of hearing and to become aware of sound while still in utero. In fact, the sense of hearing begins somewhere around the third month of the fetus. Think about this. All you who have delivered children or are thinking about it, become aware that the little being inside of you is sensitive and picking up the vibrations of the sound around you, including your own voice. Be aware of what you say and how you say it, especially if you are with child.

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