For collecting wines at home, the kitchen refrigerator isn’t a good option. Although you can store a couple of bottles, you must use them within 48 hours of storage. When the aim is to store wines for a long period, there is a need for wine room construction. Not to mention, a dedicated storage room lets you arrange different bottles in a much better way.

Apart from organising them on the racks, you can also go for the wine aging process. In this way, you can enjoy a glass of matured wines at the comfort of your home.

Some Important Things to Know About Constructing a Cellar

  • Size and Location of the Wine Room

Before starting the project, finalise the size of the cellar. A small cellar is sufficient enough for storing 100+ bottles; however, you need a large cellar for storing 1000+ bottles. Depending on this thing, you have to pick the location for wine cellar construction. The kitchen cabinet, kitchen corners, and the areas underneath the stairs can be transformed into a small cellar. If you need a large wine room, you can transform the storeroom or the basement.

  • Design and Construction of the Cellar

Now, it is imperative to pick the right design for your wine room. In the list of wine storage designs, you can find contemporary cellars for modern residential homes and spiral cellars for building a compact cellar. In case you want to give a vintage look to the storage unit, you have to pick a classic design. Thereby, experts start constructing the cellar using your preferred materials. It may include concrete for walls and flooring, glass for doors, and lots more.

  • Need for Installing Critical Wine Room Components

Next, it comes to the installation of the necessary cellar components such as a cooling unit and a lighting system. Cooling units make sure that you maintain the right temperature level whereas lighting systems let you look at the bottles inside the cellar. A humidifier is also an essential component that helps you maintain the right balance of the moisture content. In specific cases, professionals install noise and vibration reducers inside the wine room.

How to Store Wine Bottles?

Starting from organising wine bottles to maintaining the storage condition, everything is essential for keeping wines in a good state. For organising bottles, arrange them side-by-side and prevent the dryness of the cork. When it comes to maintaining the storage condition, the temperature and humidity levels must not be altered with time.

According to experts, the temperature must be maintained at 55oF with a tolerance of ±5oF and humidity must be maintained at 60% with a tolerance of ±10% for ideal storage.

Final Thoughts

For building a dedicated wine room, you must avoid using DIY methods. It may lead to creating unknown mistakes. And, it is best to hire a professional contraction for wine room construction because experts make sure about adequate insulation, airtight seal, and moisture barrier inside the cellar. They also provide necessary guidance to clients for storing wine bottles safely.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a reliable contractor today.

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The author is a well-known person for providing stunning wine storage designs to clients. In his free time, he writes blogs on different topics including the need for wine room construction.