The first thing you can do to stop depression is very simple and totally free: pay attention to the meaning of your dreams. Write down in a daily dream journal whatever you remember from a dream scene, even if it is only an object or a face. You’ll remember more dreams with all their details as you keep writing down your dreams every day.

Then, you should study the dream language. Read my free articles and put my lessons into practice, so that you may be able to translate at least a few parts of your dreams. Even a single dream symbol when properly translated and related to your life story, will already enlighten you.

Dreams provide you with free psychotherapy. Carl Jung managed to discover their real meaning, and their healing power. I completed his work with my discoveries. Then, I greatly simplified his method. This means that by following the scientific method of dream interpretation you will immediately understand the symbolic meaning of the dream images, and have information about your mental stability.

You’ll see that you are depressed basically because:

* You have made many mistakes in life,

* You were a victim of other people’s mistakes,

* You have inherited an absurd content in the wild side of your conscience,

* You live in an absurd world,

* You feel that you cannot change many things in your life.

The unconscious mind will show what you have to do in order to correct all your mistakes and positively transform your personality. You’ll pass through a process of mind development which is also a spiritual transformation.

For example, when you see in your dreams people who you consider absurd, you’ll understand that you are absurd like them in certain things as well. They are parts of your own personality. You'll stop having the negative behavior imposed by them, and develop the positive characteristics of your personality. This way, your poor heart will finally get rid of the heavy burdens that were causing your depression.

When the negative parts of your personality control your behavior, you do what makes you suffer. You fight with your friends, you have no inclination to work, and you have no motivation to live. Or, you keep remembering how unfair your enemies were to you, without thinking about anything else. Thus, you feel suffocated and unable to face life’s challenges.

You need the explanations of the unconscious mind given in your dreams. You will then understand that you were a victim of someone else’s wickedness because you didn’t pay attention to many revealing details that clearly reflected their bad intentions. You didn’t want to see the bitter truth.

When you understand your own mistakes, you forgive the mistakes of others. When you understand how the human mind works, you stop expecting better reactions from others. You see that the human being is merely an under-developed primate. Your personal problems stop having the importance they had before you had this vision. Your depressing feelings are replaced by knowledge and understanding.

This new attitude gives you energy and hope. You see that you were looking for solutions in the wrong places, and creating your own worst problems. There are real solutions for all problems when you acquire real knowledge.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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