What are your beliefs around, what you deserve to achieve financially in your life? Is inviting financial abundance into your experience, seen as a gift and a way to increase your philanthropic activities or do you view money as “The Root of all Evil”. Holding onto either of these two philosophies may seem insignificant and your beliefs around financial wealth may seem unimportant. But In reality holding onto either view, will have a significant impact on how your financial well-being, will turn out in the future.

As you know, if you have a powerful reason why you want to do something, nothing can or will get in the way of you accomplishing it. So if you have a reason bigger than yourself, namely your philanthropic goals, to help inspired people achieve their potential, you will feel more driven and inspired to invite financial well being into your experience. If on the other hand you view money as “The Root of all Evil”, you will feel negative and extremely uninspired, by the thought of taking daily action to achieve financial success.

Belief drives your Behaviour

The beliefs you hold and believe to be true, are the driving force behind your daily behaviours. They can either support you to take the daily action you need to take or they can hold you back and restrict you. Your beliefs send powerful messages to your brain, which affect your actions and daily behaviours and ultimately how things will turn out in your life.

Your beliefs cause you to:

Become fearful and retreat
Become empowered and take action.
Beliefs have Power

Your beliefs thus have the power to create the future you desire or the power to destroy it. Your beliefs about money, financial well-being, risk taking, wealth and success, will either cause you to repel the financial well-being you desire or they will help you to gradually attract the financial wealth you desire and deserve. The stronger your positive beliefs around money and wealth are, and the more you are able to focus on a cause greater than yourself, as the reason why you want financial well-being, the easier it will be to attract the wealth you desire into your experience.

Action Idea: Start to explore your beliefs around money and work to remove all the negative messages you hold about financial wellbeing and independence. Develop a few positive affirmations around money like “Money comes easy and often from multiple sources, which equips me to do more good”. Repeat your positive affirmations, every time you have a negative thought about financial success. Keep repeating the affirmation, until the negative thought disappears.

Make a recording of positive affirmations about money and listen to this a couple of times every day, to help you to reprogram your brain, so that you can start to think more positive thoughts about money. The sooner you can expose and replace any negative beliefs you hold about money, the sooner you will start to attract just that into your experience.

Gradually replace your negative beliefs and change your habitual behaviours, which drive your daily activities, around money and wealth. This will finally free you from the chains of financial lack and put you onto the journey towards financial freedom. As you replace your negative beliefs around money, with empowering ones, you retrain your mind and your new beliefs will begin to drive you to begin taking better daily action, which will allow you to invite more financial success into your experience.

Support your new belief set with a crystal clear vision, describing exactly how you want your financial position to be in the future. Write this down on a card, which you carry around with you in your pocket. Read this throughout your day, as a reminder about what you want and why it is important to you and you will remain far more inspired to take the action you need to take every day, to invite financial wellbeing into your experience. Believe you deserve it, stay focused on inviting financial success into your experience; always have a reason bigger than yourself for why you want it, be happy. Then just sit back and watch the magic begin.

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Andrew Horton is one of South Africa's top sales training experts. He will support, uplift and inspire sales professionals to explore the limits of their potential and awaken the sales giants, which resides within all of them. His sales training presentation is aimed at inspiring sales professionals, helping them to become re-energised and eager to achieve their sales targets. The sales tools and powerful tried and tested practical sales techniques, they will be introduced to during his presentation, will help any sales professional to immediately up their game and to become a real sales giant, within their markets. Visit my website at http://www.andrewhorton.co.za