There is much talk about how when you dissect things down to their smallest levels, what is left is space, or energy. According to the quantum physicists, everything is energy, including solid matter.

If everything is energy, then our thoughts and words are also energy. I have become very mindful of the words that I say. When I began to look into this, I found that 2 of my favourite phrases were "I'm dying to tell you" and "I'm gutted" both of which are really negative things to say. As I became aware of my language, I began to listen to what I was hearing around me. This is what I heard:

Cor blimey - old English for God blind me
I am killing time
I am hanging around- from the time we hung people
I'm bloody furious...
And so on.

All of these phrases come from a much more violent time in our history, and all of them refer to death or punishments of some kind. At the same time as I was considering this, I was also attempting to learn to speak kindly to myself and the two seemed to go hand in hand. When you really study the way you talk to yourself and others, you can discover that you are not very nice to yourself or others.

Do you often tell yourself you are stupid, a moron, or useless? Do you curse when someone cuts in front of you in the car? Begin to monitor the way you speak and think and try to consciously change to a more loving, harmonious way of talking to yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes- you are human after all! Learn to laugh when you do something silly instead of berating yourself. Use a language of peace and harmony instead of war and aggression. It will enable you to be more at ease in yourself.

Choosing a different way is very much part of the spiritual journey and there are many different areas that I have found that need a new approach.

I am conscious now that it is really important to consider my words and I have found that this can improve my mood. I also am really mindful that I am not watching murders and abusive behaviours on the television or in films and spending time with people that are also mindful.

Spiritual Growth Tools can offer you a variety of effective and easy ways to change your thoughts and words, and the impact that they have on you.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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