Femininity is freedom and any woman who truly understands the fundamental importance of maintaining their feminine core, if their core is more feminine, will understand exactly what that means. It means that being rigid and structured to such a high level can degrade a woman’s personal well-being. She needs to be free to express herself, to love freely, and to wish the best for herself and for others.

People have their own rules for what they believe is truly feminine, but the real truth of femininity is that there are no rules. There is no exact way for women to dress or wear her hair. Some women may feel more feminine in more traditional ways such as wearing dresses and having long hair, but this is not what femininity is.

Being feminine is much more about spiritual and inner workings, not what is on the outside. Some women may be very in touch with their feminine energy and they like to wear pants and have cropped hair. Again, femininity is not about rules, but more about women being able to empower themselves. Owning that energy means living without strictures of what it means to be a woman and to be feminine.

Being in touch with the feminine self will allow women to know what they want in life. It is not about silly stereotypes but allowing a woman to know how to be in charge of herself. Women who suppress their feminine energy tend to evolve not into what they wanted for themselves, but what everyone else around them wanted. They eventually become, in a way, dead inside. It is the same for men who deny their masculine energies.

Women that embrace their feminine nature will do what fulfills them and brings them joy. This means that these women tend to smile a lot. It is not a forced smile, but just a way of emanating their spirit. These women are not confused by choices in their lives because they do what is right for them. They act and do things that will make their spirit glow just a little brighter.

Women who do fully embrace their femininity have a magnetism that is irresistible. Men are drawn in to this type of energy. It really has nothing to do with the woman’s physical beauty, but men find “something” attractive about a woman who is truly embracing her feminine nature.

Being feminine has nothing to do with being weak. Masculine energy has a lot to do with strength and people confuse feminine energy for being the opposite; however, feminine energy is not the opposite. In fact, it is the complement of masculine energy. It is not about being weak and submissive, but about having self-respect and the confidence to be just the woman you were meant to be.

Being feminine is different for every woman, and that is because every woman is unique. Truly being feminine means that a woman accepts who she is from the inside out.

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Vanessa Halloum is the author of The 5 Feminine Power Virtues and the founder of FeminineSoul.Com (http://femininesoul.com ), a free online community for women who want to connect and collaborate with other visionary women. She's also the President and CEO of Empowered Life Productions, a company dedicated to create and market empowering products and events that will make a positive impact in our world. Whether she's speaking at one of her events or hosting her blogtalk radio show, her message is simple: To help create a balance between masculine and feminine energy in the planet so we can live in a more harmonious world. Her mission is to help women reconnect with their feminine essence so they can access their inner authentic power.