Good Customer Service is taking care of the needs of the customer.

Can you remember the last time you received good customer? What happened? How did you feel? Now on the flip side when was the last time you received bad customer.

Good Customer Service is being friendly. It is greeting customers with a smile. It is going the extra mile for your customer. It is doing whatever possible to keep that customer happy. Good Customer is doing what you promised every time. It is doing something extra as often as possible. It is showing the customer how much you appreciate them. It is saying Thank You. It is showing that you notice that customer by using their name. It is about showing that you care.

It is creating a WOW experience every time. It is dependability.

Good Customer Service has to be important to everyone from the owner to the front line person. It has to be in the air. It has to be the focus. It starts with good employees that recognize that without the customers there is no job for them. It is going back to the Golden Rule-“Do unto others as you would have do unto you.”

What you can do to ensure Good Customer Service?

Hire Good quality people and Train them to treat the customer right every time.

Making the customer’s needs a priority every time.

Listen and don’t interrupt the customer.

Keeping your promises (If you stay open until 10:00, then that is what you do. If you sell widgets, but every time I come to you, you are out, it begins to affect your credibility)

It’s making the wrong right every time.

Ask the customer what they expect or need from you.

Remain calm and professional at all times.

Customer Service makes up two very valuable words in an organization and that is Customer and Service. So we have a responsibility to service that customer no matter what that takes. You should treat customers right no matter how they treat you.

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