I once heard a woman say that we are our thoughts.

What we think will become our life and that is the way we will become eventually. If our thoughts are dark, negative and toxic, we won't be able to live a positive and amazing life that can help us with becoming the best version of our self.

For that same reason, we can transform our reality with our thoughts. The best way to do so is to use affirmations!

So what exactly are affirmations?

Affirmations are actions of positive thinking and self-empowerment, where we use our own words and thoughts in short sentences to create an ideal situation in the present moment to reshape our reality. By saying positive affirmations over and over again, you are actually sending messages from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, where your deepest feelings, fears and dreams are stored.

With that said, people tend to use affirmations in the completely wrong manner, where they don't really help themselves much. You have to keep in mind that affirmations have to be said in the present tense, otherwise you will be stuck in just the need of becoming that special version of yourself without ever reaching it.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you continue on saying, “One day I am going to…” it just prolongs the process of you actually being or doing that. You have to let your mind believe that it's already perfect because it's the best way to reshape the way your subconscious mind thinks.

Affirmations are such powerful tools to conquer life but when it comes to people who don't pay much attention to what they're saying—well, they are full of negative affirmations and aren't conscious of the fact that all those things that went wrong in their life can be traced back to those negative affirmations they kept telling themself. Negative affirmations include: “I'm so lazy,” and, “I can't do anything right” and so on. By saying this to yourself lots of times, your brain really does start to believe it.

So, in order for the affirmation to work, it has to be said with an intention, a desire and longing for what you're saying or thinking. You have to be aware of your words and the state of your body while you're saying the affirmation and don't forget to involve your heart in the process as well.

You can always use affirmations!

What I do most often is use them in the morning. When I first wake up, I like to start my day with an intention. I say something like, “I am grateful for another day and I am happy.” By starting my day this way, an image shows itself automatically in my head, showing me all those things in life that I am grateful for and that make me happy. If it involves people, I like to show them how I feel by hugging them and showing them my appreciation. Of course, you can use them whenever you want because there is no limit to them!

The more often you repeat them to yourself, the more effective they will become. Frequent repetitions affect the subconscious mind and it changes the way we act, think and feel.

You don't have to have a gipsy soul or to be extremely spiritual in any way, shape or form for these affirmations to work. You just have to sit down for a minute and let yourself feel the positive energy flowing through your body.

Because of the fact that many people have trouble with finding the 'right' affirmations for themselves, I will be giving you just a few examples, so you can start creating a present that you can enjoy living in.

1. I release all the negative thoughts about the past and all the worries about the future.

2. I love myself because I am everything I ever wanted to be.

3. I forgive myself for not being perfect because I am human.

4. I enjoy life to the fullest and I am grateful for all the opportunities that come my way.

5. I am fearless because I live in the present moment. The future will never frighten me.

6. I am one with the universe and nature and I am one with all humankind.

7. I am strong, independent, intelligent and hard-working.

8. I work hard on accomplishing my dreams and I am not giving up.

9. I eat well, exercise and I get a lot of sleep to enjoy my good health.

10. I believe in myself and I am confident in every decision I make.

Meta description: Affirmations are such powerful tools to conquer life but when it comes to people who don't pay much attention to what they're saying, they are full of negative affirmations.

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