SEO has evolved a lot over the years and there are continuous updates rolled out by Google to make sure websites that deserve the top ranking doesn’t fall prey to scummy SEO efforts. Google updates directly affects the SEO industry and thus it becomes very vital to analyze the effect of every SEO update that Google rolls out several times a year. Google updates are directly in connection with slight to major changes in the SEO strategy that SEO gurus around the world have to stick to for the upcoming year. Today we will be discussing the top SEO trends that will soon going to majorly impact the ranking of a website and will make it mandatory for SEO strategists to religiously integrate them into their SEO strategy:

Mobile-first indexing: Google has started to use the mobile version of website to index webpages and ranking. Since the beginning of the year 2018 Google has started the process of migrating websites to mobile-first index. This update clearly indicates that from now onwards the mobile friendliness of website is more important to get it ranked for its business related keywords. Google has already started to migrate the websites to mobile-first index and it’s a red flag for those websites which are not mobile friendly or responsive. The new update is still going on and will impact the chunk of websites which still doesn’t adhere to Google’s mobile-first indexing.

So what does mobile first indexing means for the SEO?

Any website without any type of mobile version will directly get affected in terms of visibility and keyword ranking and SEO experts have to make sure the website has mobile version that deliver impeccable user experience.

Brand as a ranking signal: Google has started giving weightage to brand mentions in its search algorithm. Google has many ways through which it uses brand as a ranking signal. Google uses unlinked brand mentions and analyze the properties mentioning it. This way Google gets a better idea of the brand authority in a particular niche. The other ways which Google considers are reputation, advertising, trust, complaint solving etc. So with the help of context Google can tell the good from the bad.

So what does brand as ranking signal means for the SEO?

• SEO experts have to understand that now sentiments around brand mentions will directly affect the ranking of a website. So they have to change their strategy in many ways.

• Backlinks creation has to be kept at minimum because building links is rarely a white hat business. So now the linkless backlinks will matter as well.

• Engaging with customers and solving their problem will matter.

• Influencers will become more important. So get the influencers talking about you.

• Competitor analysis will have to be changed.
Instead of just creating backlinks on websites that the competitor has backlinks on SEO experts have to shift their focus on linkless brand mentions of competitors.

SEO is continuously evolving and the traditional approach doesn’t help in getting quick ranking nowadays. These 2019 SEO trends will make a lot of websites lose their rankings while others will go up.

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