We’ve been misled. Seriously misinformed where love is concerned. Most of us have been taught that in order to love we need to share our hearts – give our heart to someone else. In other words, someone comes along and we “fall” for that person. Our heart opens, we yearn, we court and then, if everything works out, we share. At this point we have to let the person into our heart and we go into their heart. Now we each have a part of our heart sort of disconnected, and we’re housing a piece of another’s. This is how we often view love. 

Does this sound right? Looked at in this way doesn’t falling in love sound a bit weird? How will we function if part of our heart is on loan somewhere else? Can we be OK with part of our heart gone? Can we fill the void with part of someone else’s heart? That seems like a stretch both genetically and energetically. 

Of course there are also obvious risks. What if one person pulls out, taking your heart in tow? You’re now left with a void – an aching heart that you have to regenerate and heal. Ouch. Love can be painful this way. 

I’m not advocating the end of love. Instead, I’d like to suggest an alternative strategy. Instead of giving up your heart, how about beaming love through your heart instead. You’ll become a lighthouse of love, or virtual love machine in a higher sense.

Here’s how it works: 
1. You meet someone and your heart opens spontaneously (even if only a bit).
2. You realize that this person is someone you want to be around and you get to know the person. It’s working and your heart opens more. 
3. The person really is good to and for you and you for the other. Your heart opens even more as you spend more time together. 
4. You keep your heart intact and you expand it (open the heart chakra for those who like to think of it that way). You are not “falling,” you are opening your heart and expanding with love. 
5. Allow the unconditional love that comes from your highest source to flow into and through you to the other person. When doing this you’re going to inadvertently radiate love to everyone. No problem. It’s not aimed, so there will be no misunderstandings (though you will probably become more attractive). 
6. Keep doing this. You’ll feel happier. You will be IN LOVE. Wonderful. Life is good.

This is not a risky proposition. If the person leaves you can still love. You are now a love fountain and you can remain a love channel, if you like. Being with this person has taught you how to love, and you can be grateful for that no matter the outcome. 

This type of love feels different. It might take a little getting used to. If you long to feel someone else inside of you, you won’t get off on this type of love. You won’t get that yearning, dopey feeling. You won’t feel needy or unstable when you’re not with the person. You won’t become a love addict, yearning for another to give you a love fix and fill your heart. You will remain intact and in integrity with your true self, powerful and whole. You’ll grow, but you won’t grow to become the other person. You won’t lose yourself, you’ll become more of your highest self. This is a good thing – a very good thing. 

Here’s what will happen instead. You’ll not only grow to love the other more and more, you’ll feel the love within and love yourself and others more, as well. You’ll smile more. You’ll vibrate at a higher level and become more insightful and enlightened. You’ll heal others with your love just by being around them. The list continues, but words fall short here. You’ll have to experience it for yourself. 

I hope you do. Much love to you. And, Happy Valentines Day.

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Author's Bio: 

Deborah Hill has been actively involved in the coaching, counseling and training of others throughout her adult life; first as a Registered Nurse and Nurse-Midwife, and finally as an Intuitive Coach, Counselor, author, speaker, instructor and energetic therapist. Her extensive experiences include 4 degrees in science and psychology, 30 years of property management and investment, and 20 years as an entrepreneur and president of her own business.
Deborah Hill brings an extra dimension to coaching and speaking, helping clients and audiences quickly gain insight, work through obstacles, tap into their own power source and unleash their true potential for success and fulfillment. The strength of her uncommon intuitive insight and interpersonal communications has changed people’s lives, businesses and relationships.