For us who are blogging for business, social media sites particularly Twitter and Facebook have been giving a good boost to our online network expansion efforts. In social media platforms, we are able to promote our expertise and/or our products.

Today, I stumbled upon this post that tackled a recent study by a group of researchers from Rutgers University. The study was on Twitter, the sensational microblogging service that took the net by storm when it was first introduced. My hunch on the type of users that breed in media sites or networks have been proven all true. The result of the study showed that “80 percent of regular users are “meformers”.

They actually coined a new term to refer to those individuals whose status updates are endless rants and raves on their whereabouts or who they are with, their pent up emotions about love and the universe, and god knows what else. I must admit I really get annoyed reading shared messages like these but what can I do, it ‘s a social network. The remaining 20% of users were informers. These are people who use social media to share information. I say these kind of users are worth following and befriending.

I think that social media is a gift. Not because we are able to make money online thru it, but mainly because it has given us the opportunity to create communities that defy cultural, geographical, and language barriers.

That being said, I believe that we must reciprocate by adding value to it. And how do we do that? We can start with sharing and posting relevant posts. But of course, I don’t’ mean that we all lose that personal touch. Balance. For those who are doing social media marketing, don’t overdo it either. Let’s create a balance in the types of posts that we have and maximize the benefits of social media websites.

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