When To Stop Fighting For Your Marriage: Tired Of Fighting For My Marriage

But how can you tell if your marriage is over? Let us explore this area a bit more in detail:

• If you believe in the four pillars that make a marriage tick - namely, love, respect, trust and commitment, then weakening of any one of the pillars would weaken the rationale of staying together in a marriage. There are specific signs which signify weakening or the absence of the pillars. How can you tell if your marriage is over? When you see signs that show lack of love, respect, trust and commitment.

• If the four pillars are the basis on which a marriage stands then effective and meaningful communication adds stability to the marriage. The first and perhaps the most visible sign of a failing marriage is a collapse in communication. Even if there is, it is mostly cursory, polite and cryptic.

• The quality of time spent with each other is a very reliable yardstick to assess the health of a marriage. When your spouse does not have any intention of spending quality time with you or seeks excuses to stay away from you as much as possible, you know that your marriage has gone bad.

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• Keeping one's commitment in a marriage is yet another parameter by which you can judge the state of health of a marriage. Commitment could be fulfilling the assigned responsibilities; concern over the safety and welfare of the home and its occupants and so on. How can you tell if your marriage is over? When you find that your spouse is either intentionally skipping the commitments or is simply ignoring them.

Marriage is more often than not, a sort of camaraderie between the husband and wife. You are best friends first and then everything else. But when the marriage turns sour, both of you start to live more as competitors than friends. One or both of you would always be eager to prove a point and win an argument, not for anything else, but for undermining the partner.

• No marriage is complete without its fair share of arguments, misunderstandings and differences of opinions. But usually these are resolved amicably no matter who makes what kind of compromise to arrive at the solution. How can you tell if your marriage is over? When you no longer arrive at any mutually agreeable consensus any more.

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Marriage relationship is one critical aspect of human life. It underlines our joys and successes in life. To arrive at the point where married couples have their marriage fulfill their aspirations, increase their joys and success in life, a lot of work is required. Couples need to look out and see situations and opportunities that produce or enhance their joys and peace.

One opportunity which can go a long way in building and strengthening married relationship is doing physical exercise together with one's spouse and sometimes, as a family. Physical fitness activity with one's spouse guarantees several great benefits at once.

• It provides the opportunity for the couple to be together without much interruption from other people and cares of the world.
• It makes communication easy - being together for about 30 to 45 minutes of physical exercise would assist those who are struggling with communication between them to easily communicate.
• It arouses emotional attachment.
• It arouses sexual desires in each other which can help them bond.
• It heals and removes friction in relationships.
• It creates a special bond between spouses, and
• Generates family bonding

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This couple fitness activities creates such a connectedness between spouses that people discover each other anew and do confess how much they adored one another and when they are able to tell their spouses how they felt, it makes the one hearing it to glow with affection. Disagreements are easily sorted out; as couples get together for fitness activity as a couple or as family.

As we all know, one of the challenges of married couples is being able to sit down together and really talk with each other. After an hour or even less fitness activity together, couples can seat on the floor or ground for another hour or more talking, some of the times, excitedly. It has equally been discovered that discussing with one's children are made easier after running or cycling together for some time in the evenings.

Couples can sometimes exercise nude in the bedroom. This has the power to produce wonderful moments after the exercises.

Dating and courtship partners can start this fitness activity as part of their dating and courtship activity. It would not just help you to be healthy; it would build a connectedness that would help you make the decision for each other. Caution though: Do not exercise in the nude in the bedroom with a man or woman who has not been legally and lawfully wedded to you.

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There is quite a lot relationship advice for women out there. It's a shame that a lot of it is written from a woman's point of view. As experienced a woman is in the realm of being a good wife, it's never going to the same as the advice that the man might give. For example, there are many different opinions out there on who should do more of the workload in the relationship. Some people say that balance is good (which it always is), but I beg to differ. There are times when you're actually doing your relationship a disservice if you do any work. I'll talk about these situations below.

1. What's He Trying To Prove?

First, I'm going to talk about the times that you shouldn't barge in and try to help out, in general. You would notice that the title for this sub paragraph talks about what your man might be trying to prove.

Well, the simple act of proving something shows that he wants to do two things. He firstly wants to impress you. Secondly, he wants to validate himself and make himself feel good for achieving something. By helping out, you're basically robbing him of the chance to feel better about himself.

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2. Buying Your Own Gift

This is something that has been going on for centuries and centuries. Women have always wanted the most expensive, most beautiful items in the world. Women appreciate value and men appreciate women who appreciate value.

To us, it's a challenge that we want to conquer. If we're saving up for a gift that you've had your eye on for a while now and suddenly you get it yourself, that will deal us a blow. We'll basically feel like we've missed our chance.

3. Home Activities

This is something else that is close to a man's heart. If you have someone else who's over, even if it's family, we won't be able to help but feel as if you need a helping hand that we haven't been able to offer.

Be it something as simple as cooking or cleaning or something more difficult like cleaning roof tiles, if someone else comes and does it, they're essentially invading our territory. It's our home and our job. Doing the work will make us feel like we're supporting you well.

I understanding that some of you are married to men who are just plain lazy and will never get around to doing it until you have to call someone else, but hopefully this relationship advice for women puts things into perspective.

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When two people have been together for quite some time, it is normal for them to not be as interested in each other as they were when they were still dating. That is why some partners are tempted to go astray, while some find themselves neglected and betrayed. Problems that affect relationships also cause partners to grow apart. But whatever it is that normally occurs, there are ways to make sure those 3rd party tendencies are put off.

Lay down the rules and implement them. Sometimes, loving a partner can be like loving a child. You can love them and take care of them all you want but they also need to be taught discipline. Curfews and other limits should be given to remind your partner that he/she has someone to be considerate of.

Do not wait until your partner becomes abusive or complacent about your marriage that he/she just goes and does as he/she pleases. Love your partner but demand for respect in return.

Have fun with your partner. It's good to be with friends once in a while. But if you're always trying to escape your marriage so you can be with other people, then that's wrong. It's true that date night, and weekend getaways help revive marriages which are about to crumble. Exercise with your partner, or have a sport together.

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Party like young teens on weekends and invite your partner to do something new with you. Just because you fight over husband and wife matters, it doesn't mean you can't get along when it comes to enjoyment.

Talk to your partner. When you've been with your partner for quite some time now, the tendency is, you just shout at your partner when you're in the middle of an argument and you fail to listen to what he/she is saying most of the time. Now it's important to always ask about your partner's life and stay interested. If you're partner finds it fun to share things with you, then there will be less secrets between you. And you can easily find out if something's going on that should immediately be dealt with. It is also important to open up with your partner and encourage him/her to open up with you without fighting.

That way you get to discuss and resolve issues, and at the same time remind your partner that you're still very much in love with him/her.

Love is present in all of us but it's the expression of love that matters. You may love someone dearly everyday, but unless you express and let him/ her know that you care, how will the person get a clue of what is inside you.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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