At that moment in your life when you feel as if your world is crumbling around you, something has happened to change all that you have worked so hard for and to maintain, find comfort in the knowing that everything happens for a reason. It is always for your greater good or the greater good of someone that you love so try to find comfort in this knowledge.

Change is all part of life, but when a dramatic change happens it can shake us to the core. During the initial stages of these types of changes our bodies actually go into a state of shock. This shock may derive from the thought of the implications the change may have on our everyday lives. It can be too overwhelming to deal with at the beginning and so it is best to try to take each moment as it comes and to not think too far ahead towards any possible outcomes or consequences. Trust that everything is as it should be, the following affirmation from the wonderful Louise L Hay may help.

'All is well, Everything is working for my higher good, out of this experinence only good will come, I am safe' Louise L Hay

Evolution is part of every process. Our lives change all of the time, sometimes without us really recognizing that a change has occurred. The earth that we live on is constantly evolving, this is evident with every discovery that scientists have made whilst studying its history. Humanity also evolves constantly; we are not like the humans that were around one million years ago and in another million years we will not be as we are now either.

I would like to share some of my tips of dealing with this upheaval.

- Allow the shocking grief of the situation release. Talk, write, tears whatever way that you can find some way of releasing it. Pent up emotion is not only detrimental for our mental well being it can also damage our body. Talk to someone; go have a fight with your pillow, cry but make sure that you release, release, release. It is important to do this as it is the first hurdle of the process to recovery.

- Next it is time to heal. Take it slow for a time, emotions are fragile and sensitivity may be high. Be kind to yourself. Try not to have high expectations during this time, go with the flow of life and if you let someone down don’t despair you can make it up to them again.

- Recognize that this does not just happen to you, even though it will feel very individual, it is probably the most universal experience that we will all encounter in our lives, we just all deal with it in our own unique and personal ways.

- Don’t over commit yourself for a while. Actual time frames are not important as we all heal at different rates and some pain goes deeper than others but if you listen to your body and take a moment to recognize the signs that come your way you will be guided through your healing journey.

- When it is time, keep yourself open to the possibility that you have recovered to a level where you can start maintaining day to day routines again. There are some people who get stuck in the healing journey and are not prepared to move on but it is important to do so.

Spiritually Thinking

When we think of this in a spiritual context it can help us to think outside of the box and become more accepting of why some things happen to some people and not to others.

We are all created with a spirit, it guides us through life. Each of our spirits is unique to us. Before we are born we have already chosen exactly what experiences we want to encounter during our lifetime, both good and bad. We all have decided what lessons we want to learn in order for our spirits to advance towards enlightenment. Our spirit will guide us on our journey and when the times get tough it will be our spirit that will guide us through it. We can keep our spirit strong and healthy by connecting with it on a regular basis, this is why people attend church and meditate or even going for a walk can help you go within and connect with your inner guide. When we maintain spiritual well being the tough times don’t hit as hard because we have that little cushion to land on.

I would like to finish on a more physical note and say that grief in its many shapes and forms is one of the most emotionally challenging times in anyone’s life. One that can never be fully prepared for and I hope that my thoughts throughout this article can be a saving grace for someone sometime.

Author's Bio: 

Hello, I am a writer of articles for and Universal mind magazine. I have published a spiritual novel called The Visitor : a magical understanding of uncertainty. I have completed a diploma in Humanities and have previous work experience in the Mental Healh sector. I wholeheartedly believe that we need to treasure the gift of a healthy mind. Connecting with our spirit is one way of doing this. Thank you for reading my bio.