When Your Spouse Wants to End the Marriage But You Want to Continue: Steps to Take to Rebuild Your Marriage

Sometimes there is an impasse in a relationship where one person in the relationship wants it to go on, but the other person does not want it to go on. This can be a hard time for both people as one person tries to keep the relationship going, and the other person tries to break away from it. This can cause more problems than before, or, the person that wants to keep the relationship together can develop a plan of attack that makes sure that the relationship stays together. This is often the best option if this person recognizes that it will be better for both parties if they temporarily take the burden of extending the relationship further than it would have gone on naturally. This can ensure that children that are involved, for example, will stay together in a single family unit.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Some relationships are so far past mending, seemingly, that the smallest conversation can erupt into a huge argument. It is this point in the relationship where one spouse must decide not to engage the other in these minor arguments. He or she must see the benefit in maintaining his cool, calm, and collective-ness so that the relationship itself doesn't get destroyed in the process of a few simple heated arguments. If a few arguments cause the destruction of a relationship, then that can spell disaster for both of your futures and the children as well. If children are involved, it can be so much worse on both people, and they will regret not taking a path of compromise to mend the relationship.

Sometimes both spouses can develop a lack of appreciation toward each other. This can be the start of a fruitless road to ruin in the relationship if one spouse doesn't take the initiative and show the other one that they truly care. If both spouses assume the other one doesn't appreciate them, it must be incumbent on at least one spouse to take the first step. Once the first step is taken, the other spouse will follow suit, and both parties will be mended in a healed relationship. You must thank, compliment, and appreciate your spouse, or they will never know how much you care. You must show your spouse that you care.

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Sometimes it's difficult to believe that you can get back into love when it seems like you can barely tolerate each other most of the time. Do you ever think to yourself "whatever happened to the person I thought I was marrying"?

Well, marriage has a lot of important ingredients and love happens to be a pretty important one. I know that many couples get to the point in their marriage where they feel as though they have lost the love for their spouse. They also don't know how to get it back into their relationship.

So what's the key to get love back into your marriage? See below and you might be surprised how simple it can be.

Key to get love back into your marriage? Separate Feelings and Behaviors

Have you ever been mistreated by a family member or friend or perhaps co-worker? What happens when you have been betrayed or taken advantage of? Well, you certainly start to distance yourself from this person. You also no longer trust them and in some cases you can become angry and seek revenge.

In the case of your marriage you may no longer want to be close to your spouse because you have been let down. You also might feel as though you have been taken advantage of and instead of loving your spouse you feel more like getting even for the role he or she has played in screwing up your marriage.

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So to get love back into your marriage start doing loving things for your spouse regardless of how you feel. You see, when you first met your spouse you would probably do anything for them without blinking an eye because you wanted to prove just how much you cared.

You thought you loved your spouse but it was really lust and not love. So now if you want to restore the love in your marriage do it all over again.

- When you don't feel like speaking kindly to your spouse, do it anyway.

- When being intimate is not that appealing to you do your best to be as sexy and romantic as you can be.

- When listening to your spouse is like hearing finger nails dragged across a chalk board do it with patience and utmost attention.

- When you don't feel like being married any longer, do it anyway.

You see, the most important step to get love back into your marriage is to act lovingly. It's almost impossible to restore love without first changing behaviors. This will help you get love back into your marriage end keep you together.

I hope you give this a try to help you improve your marriage. Don't let your negative feelings keep you from getting love back into your marriage. Lead by your actions and your feelings will come around.

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"Is there anything I can do to save my marriage today?" Obviously you want to begin the process of healing your relationship with your spouse but perhaps you're unsure of where to start with that. It's understandable. It's overwhelming when you realize that the two of you are drifting further and further apart. Try as you might you can't find a way to connect with them again. Perhaps you're even nearing the point where you're ready to throw in the towel and just give in to the idea that you're destined for divorce. You're not. There are several things you can do now that will help lay the foundation for you and your spouse to rebuild the broken bond and get the marriage back into a loving and fulfilling place for both of you.

Commit to being as honest as you possibly can if you're determined to get another chance with your spouse. Playing head games or resorting to being passive aggressive is not going to accomplish anything that is remotely positive. Many people believe that if they throw enough heavy handed hints their spouse's way that everything will change and the marriage will miraculously be saved. That won't happen. If you need your spouse to do something, tell them directly. If you're upset about something, make it clear to your spouse what it is and what they can do to remedy it. You have to be forthcoming and treat your marriage as an open book.

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Remember back when you two first got together and you always saw fit to put your spouse's needs before your own? That's the mindset that you need to reclaim now. Over time resentment can overrun an otherwise strong and loving marriage. You may start to neglect your spouse out of spite. That has to change completely if you want the marriage to grow instead of fail. Beginning today make a strong effort to be kinder and more compassionate to your spouse. Tell him or her how much you value and need them. Then go out of your way to make their life easier. Even a small gesture can make a world of difference.

Someone has to make the first move when it comes to saving your relationship. Be the bigger and more mature person by taking that step. You'll be grateful you did when you feel closer to your spouse than you ever have before.

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If you're having trouble with your marriage and you're looking for Christian help for marriage then you're not alone.

The statistics of marriage being what they are then I'm sure that you realize that you're chances of your marriage failing and ending in divorce are pretty great. But this doesn't mean that your marriage can't be fixed.

Your Christian marriage is important to you in many ways and I realize that. You made a commitment to your Church and God....to your family....to your spouse....and to yourself. So right now you may be feeling a little down and like you're letting people and God down because your marriage isn't going so well.

Getting Christian Help for My Marriage...

Marriage is extremely important in the Christian religion. In fact one could say that it's a foundational element. Marriage and family are sacred parts of who you are, and now that things aren't going right you may be feeling like things are spiraling out of control a bit.

I know that's how I felt when my marriage was failing. My wife and I were talking very seriously about divorce and splitting up. Basically we were planning our demise. But this didn't sit well with me at all. I knew that there had to be things that would salvage my marriage even though it was in ruins at the time.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Your marriage, though under the Christian faith isn't much different than most out there. You got married to someone that you believed for the rest of your life would be someone that you would do anything to be able to live with. What you didn't realize was that God has a sense of humor too, and well when he puts a man and a woman in a house together...you can almost imagine him sitting back giggling a little, but watching how you're going to react, and how you're going to follow His word and stay together for the long haul.

How to Fix Your Marriage...

Your marriage is in trouble and you need help right now. You're thinking you need Christian help for your marriage. But the truth is at this point what you need is proven help for your marriage. Christian or otherwise right now is crunch time. You need help that's going to work and that's going to last, or else you're going to end up divorced.

First of all the fact that you are a good Christian is extremely helpful because it gives you the faith that you need that the Lord is on your side and will give you the help that you seek. You simply have to pray and ask him for his help and believe that he will guide you toward a successful marriage.

But don't confuse guidance with wishful thinking. Getting your marriage on track is going to take some work from you. And the truth is, depending on the state of your marriage, you may be doing this alone. You may be in this on your own for a while if your spouse just isn't into fixing the marriage like you are. They very well may have given up. I hope not, but if they have it's not the end of the world, your marriage, or anything.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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