muscles of the body to train on same day

Generally speaking, people are confused about deciding which muscles of the body should be trained together. Besides, most people are working out to maintain their body and to be healthy and stay fit. In these days, having six pack abs is a trend desired by men of all ages. In fact, the individuals who want to build their body to carry out various exercises in the gym. But they don’t have a clear idea about the hypertrophy session as you have to wisely pair the complementary muscle groups.

Thus, some people make workouts based on their fitness requirements.So to help you make up your mind and customize your training to your goals keep reading so you can gain a clear knowledge of muscle group training.

The muscles of the body to target on the same day in Your Workout Routine

muscles of the body targeted on same day

Muscle groups are defined as the group of muscles that present closely together on your body. These muscle groups are the main source to perform body movements so if you are doing a workout for building body muscle, you should target the main muscle. The main muscles of the body are

These muscles can be categorized into separate units based on your training. However, if you are looking to build the upper body you can target your training with more focus on the upper body like chest, shoulders and arms. However, to keep a balanced physique back, legs, abs and calves cannot be overlooked. Back, chest, arms, and legs are considered as the major muscle groups and shoulders, calves are known as the smaller muscles groups.

The Best Muscle Group Combination

muscle combination to target on same day

The perfect muscle group combinations to build the muscles of the body are

  • Chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Back, abs and biceps
  • Hamstrings, calves, and quads

You can work out this split for three days in the combination of the chest with arms on one day, hamstrings and thighs with calves and finally back, shoulders and abs. The right way to do a bodybuilding workout are one major muscle group with two smaller muscle groups.

When you carry out this split in your bodybuilding training the pushing and pulling balance of your muscles can protect your joints. For example, you can perform from 10 to 12 sets for the back, chest, hamstring, thighs, and shoulders as they are the major muscles of the body. And 8 to 10 sets for small muscle groups like abs, calves, biceps, and triceps.

If you are performing these exercises for fat loss you can do it six days in a week and rest on the seventh day. Also, you can take days on and off according to your fitness requirements for your body.

The major benefits of these workouts for muscle groups are

  • It makes your larger body parts to build stronger as it gets the training first than others.
  • Choosing the larger muscle groups helps you to do the workout with more energy and so you can handle the small muscle groups’ workout easily.

Thus, these are the muscles of the body that men should be targeting on the same day.

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