Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling and marketing on the telephone whatever you may want to call it, the professional use of telephone remains the best lead generation tool especially in US. This is not a goofy technique or a gimmick but considered the best advertising method that left TV, radio and print ads behind.

Obviously, American b2b companies these days consider telemarketing to be on their best interests. It is the cheapest tool to get their business across vast market. They no longer need to invest big bucks to catch the attention of prospects. With only one phone call or two, they can already forge interest to a particular person. Unlike with print, tv or radio that often incur higher costs, telemarketing only takes half or less of their marketing budget. Also it is capable of reaching more number of people which is impossible to do when they opt for door-to-door marketing. They no longer need to send their salespeople or marketers to different places to promote their products and services. They just need to be good at their sales pitch to generate good leads. Additionally telemarketing is also effective in holding the attention of their would-be customers. The fact that a ringing telephone is rarely ignored makes this tool very suitable to engage prospects into their business. Professional telemarketers have the skill and expertise to convince people to purchase a product/service over the telephone. So undeniably, marketing over the telephone could be the most effective tool in selling, lead generation and even in appointment setting.

Aside from the characteristics of such marketing medium mentioned above, telemarketing is also capable of getting other business functions done. Telemarketer can do the telephone surveys, where they can talk to different people to gather information relevant to the development of products/services. The telephone representatives can also put a personal touch on trade shows and other events by advertising businesses by name. Lastly, telemarketers can also handle complaints from customers, their inquiries and other concerns. It is only by the use of telephone that companies can take care of their customers the quickest possible way.

Although telemarketing has been viewed negatively by other people since many fraudulent and dishonest firms have abused its power, it remains the best marketing tool to invest on. It has proven itself very helpful in engaging customers and opening up new markets for telemarketers are the best at what they do.

However, it still pays to be careful when using telemarketing in your business. You need to choose the right people to call to. As much as possible you need to be discreet and cautious since there are many people who are still unappreciative towards telephone calls especially when you speak about selling. You need to use telemarketing in precision targeting where only interested people are contacted. This way, you can expect higher likelihood for your products and services. Above all, it is important to hire the best telemarketing firm to work with when you think you can't do the entire campaign on your own. It would be better off outsourcing to these firms to ensure that you will be getting the best breed of b2b leads in the market. These firms have years of experience in handling any telephone transactions that's why you can trust them with your lead generation campaign.

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