Any business needs an effective marketing campaign to succeed. In this age of advanced technology, you actually have various options to choose from. Despite this fact, telemarketing still has a prominent role in producing qualified business opportunities. In fact, many marketers agree that it is the most effective marketing tool when it comes to penetrating new markets and targeting sales-ready leads.

Here are some of the main reasons why lead generation through telemarketing is more effective than various forms of online marketing.

• If you want immediate feedback from your clients, you can always count on telemarketing. Many marketers use telemarketing as a client profiling tool, allowing them to generate information about their clients’ needs and preferences. By asking questions over the phone, you can gather valuable, unbiased feedback from your prospective clients that can help you make wise business decisions. In this way, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and revise your marketing strategy when necessary.

• Compared with online marketing, marketing by phone is proven more effective at building business relationship with clients. Emails are easily misread and do not reveal the mood of the sender. In b2b lead generation, marketers need to make a personal connection with their prospects in order to win their trust. You cannot develop that type of connection with a junk mail. In fact, telemarketing builds the kind of lasting business relationship one can never get through any form of online communication. It doesn’t matter if that calls results in an immediate sale or not. When a client finally decides to buy, he is more likely to remember a good phone conversation than a nice-looking brochure.

Outbound telemarketing offers greater flexibility in generating qualified sales leads. With email marketing, there is no quick remedy when something goes wrong. One simple error such as misspelling the recipient’s name and your email could be tagged as spam. Telemarketing on the other hand allows you to rework your approach when something goes wrong during the conversation and carefully guide your prospect through the buying process.

Telemarketing is apparently a wiser option than online campaigns when it comes to generating qualified sales leads. Companies of any size either put up their own call center facility or turn to outsourcing their entire marketing function to telemarketing lead generation services providers. If you are looking to expand your market but do not have enough resources to put up your own call center, look for a reliable telemarketing company who can effectively implement your lead generation strategy.

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