That’s right! You have got a dream.
For Example:
- You would like to buy a house.
- Your Big Dream is a happy and fullfilled Love.
- You regularly dreaming a perfect job.
- You would like to become better parent. etc.
OK. and WHY?
Why do you want another house?
What you gain another job?
Why would you like better parent?
Why would you desire the Fullfilled Love?

I don’t know.- this is not acceptable answer.
Everything has a reason.

Let’s look at the new house!

Why would you like to buy a new house?
- You’re not satisfied your (present) house. Your house maybe little, wet, not is in the central.
- You would like to give birth to a child and would you like to live near the nursery.
- Your children is adult. You live alone, and would like to live a lower house.
This is not essential.

WHY? What is the Deeper Reason?
What is in your Soul?
Dissatisfaction, challenge, curiosity, Don’t like, fear of something…

Explore your Deeper Reason!

Simple Question: What will I going to feel if I buy a house? What I gain?

Seek in your emotions!
Discover what is in your Heart and What is in your Mind!

Everything has The Deeper Reason!
What is your Finally Goals? What do you feel it?
Who are you?
What is your „WHY”?

Before you make a decision, Discover your Why! When you know the Deeper Reason, The Universe gives what you want!
This is the Life’s Miracle!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author

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