Companies and residential areas are not just the usual administration places of business processes and secure premises. In places such as these, armed security guards are much needed to ensure they are monitoring each process with scrutiny. To do this, in some instances businesses and residential areas might need armed security guards for their protection. The reasons can be many to reach such a decision. It can be guarding the neighborhood or protecting the bank vaults.

In truth, most businesses could profit from some kind of expert security service including armed security guards or unarmed security guards entwined together in a perfect team. They can be casually or formally dressed while they provide their monitoring services. In recent years, numerous ventures have been taking advantage of the security services provided by commercial security companies. United Security Services has been working proactively since 1999 in providing the best armed security guards and other forms of security services for residential, commercial, and any other possible locations.

Here are some of the reasons why you might need armed security guards for your protection. All businesses ensure to keep their assets free from any harm in case of security or logistical challenges.

Parking Lot Safety:
Representatives or clients may feel vulnerable strolling to their vehicles around evening time, especially if the parking garage is not sufficiently bright or has lesser security coverage. In such cases, unattended parking areas can be a favorable place for vandalism, robbery, and muggings. To prevent this, armed security guards regularly monitoring the premises can help reduce and keep the crime in check.

Location in High Crime Area:
Businesses located in high crime areas mandate the need for an armed security guard. High crime does not necessarily mean a bad neighborhood. It could also include a warehouse located in a sparsely populated rural area. For instance, there is a very likely possibility for a higher number of break-ins in areas without any armed security guards around.

Retail Theft and Shrinkage:
Public Retail Federation information uncovered that retailers lost almost $44 billion from burglary in 2014, with 34 percent of that number coming from representatives. So, essentially any retail setting would profit from the presence of an armed security guard. A well-prepared, authorized and highly-skilled armed security guard will find a way to restrict risk and lessen shrinkage, making sure the business safe from any type of hazard.

Liability Issues:
If a business has experienced losses on its general liability policies, the insurance company may require a correction action plan that includes a security company’s services. Having such a plan in place can also lead to a break in premiums. To prevent such issues from arising, armed security guards can further help mitigate such issues.
Record-Keeping Concerns
One task regularly appointed to armed security guards is to track everyday exercises with respect to all sorts of wellbeing; workforce and property.
For instance, if an entrance continues to open unintentionally, it makes an example and the guard will record that and keep its data. It is possible that the entrance does not lock perfectly or a representative is leaving it open purposefully to sneak back in nightfall. In all of these above instances, having an armed security guard would ensure such measures are dealt with effectively.

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