Wife Chooses Friends Over Husband: Why Your Wife Prefers Her Girlfriends Over You

Men come to me all the time complaining about their wife being gone all the time. They are angry because their wife is consistently "gone", hanging out with her girlfriends. To make the problem even worse, they say, these girlfriends are "bad news". They are "men-bashers" of the highest order.

Want to know what I tell them?

"The bad-news girlfriends are doing a better job of meeting your wife's needs than you are - which is why she chooses to hang out with them instead of you."

It's not very pleasant. It doesn't make them feel good. And, it contains the answer these men need to turn their situation around - so that their wife wants to hang out with them and have sex with them - instead of hanging out with the bad-news girlfriends...

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The answer is...

"Do a better job at meeting your wife's needs than anyone else she knows."

The man who embraces this philosophy will soon find that his wife spends far, far more time with him than she does anyone else.

Want an easy way to find out how to meet your wife's needs better than anyone else?

Ask her this one question: "Look deep inside of yourself and imagine for a moment that I met and satisfied your every need and desire better than anyone else you know. What would I be doing?"

Whatever it is that she tells you, treat with the UTMOST RESPECT because she will be baring her soul to you. How you treat her response will either take your marriage and sex-life to never-before-seen heights or it will be the straw-that-broke-the-camels-back.

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Mick loves his wife dearly, but he wants more from their relationship and he wants more from her. Mick adores their 4 young children, but it seems that he can never get enough alone time with his wife.

When they finally get their little ones calmed down and to sleep at night, Mick's wife is exhausted and wants nothing to do with intimacy or lovemaking. She assures Mick that once their children are older, they won't require as much of her energy and then the passion between them will re-emerge.

The trouble is, Mick doesn't want to wait that long!

He tries to caress his wife in tender yet suggestive ways to let her know how much he desires her, but this often backfires. More often than not, Mick's wife brushes his hand away and accuses him of only touching her when he wants to have sex.

This is only partly true...

It can be a tricky situation for men whose lives resemble Mick's life. Even if you don't have children and a wife who is too tired and tapped out for lovemaking, you may not be having sex as often as you'd like to in your marriage or love relationship.

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A first step to turning this around is to take a step back.

Try to look at your marriage as if you were an observer. What are the usual dynamics between you and your woman? Are you two generally close? Do you support one another in your day-to-day lives?

Or, is there often tension and distance between you and your partner? Do you each tend to feel alone and that it's "all up to you" which can result in disconnection and resentment?

If you mostly notice that you and your mate are tense and resentful, find one cause of this dynamic - there is always more than one cause. (It's rarely solely her fault or solely your fault).

Come up with at least one way that you can ease some of the tension in your marriage and then start acting and responding differently.

A second step is to be honest with your woman.

Yes, you can let her know that you would like to have sex more often. And, yes, you can also let her know that you respect and love her enough that you want to do whatever you can to get her in the mood too.

Be sure that your partner knows loud and clear that, for you, lovemaking is a sharing-- it's not just about one of you getting what you want sexually.

Touch her more frequently...even when you're not necessarily going to have sex. This subtly communicates to her that you like to be close and that you enjoy physically connecting (in sexual and non-sexual ways).

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My wife says she hates me and I find her words very hurtful. Everything seems to be wrong in her world. Why is she thinking in this way? What should you do to please her mood so that she will love you again?

Think about it carefully. When did she behave like this? Did she grumble over anything particular recently? Did both of you quarrel over any particular behavior or thing many times? Try to figure out what she is thinking in her mind. Other than that, you have to reflect on yourself too. Did you behave differently from the last time? I also need you to answer all these questions truthfully.

- Did you give her lesser attention?
- Did you bother to listen to her worries and concerns when she grumbles?
- Did you take her more for granted nowadays?
- Have you still been putting effort to arrange surprises or outings together?

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- Are you still sending mushy messages to her?
- Did you pay attention to her new hair style or clothes and compliment her as usual?
- Do you still have constant intimacy with her?
- Do you think she is still enjoying her intimacy with you?
- Are you facing any difficulties such as financial or maybe other issues like friends, family,etc?
- Are you secretly having any affair?
- Are you hiding any dark secrets from her?

Probably, your wife hates you for similar reasons like above. Sometimes, certain behaviors can make her very uncomfortable especially when she really cares about it and it can be one of the reason why your wife says she hates you or maybe it can also just be another of her casual remark.

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Good sex "starts in the kitchen," Jeffrey's friend, Mick, recently told him. Jeffrey asked Mick for advice about how to improve his love life with his wife. Even though he was embarrassed to have to ask a friend for sex tips, Jeffrey has been feeling a little desperate!

Jeffrey and his wife have a pretty good relationship...except, in his opinion, when it comes to their lovemaking. For a reason that Jeffrey cannot understand, his wife rarely seems to be in the mood for sex. She's either too tired, too stressed out or too distracted by their kids, her work or other things going on.

While he tries to be patient, Jeffrey feels his patience wearing thin. Sometimes he even fantasizes about having an affair with an attractive woman who works at his office. This fantasizing has upset him and caused him to feel guilty (even though he never even talks to this other woman).

This is why Jeffrey asked Mick for help. Here's what Mick meant when he suggested to Jeffrey that good sex "starts in the kitchen"....

You have to do more than just show up and immediately expect sex from your spouse. Instead, it's absolutely essential that you be present, affectionate, loving and supportive of your woman ALL of the time if you want to have more (and higher quality) sex with her.

Let's say that you're craving a home baked chocolate cake. You might anticipate that luscious, rich delicious treat all day long, but unless you take out a mixing bowl, some flour, sugar, chocolate and other ingredients and then combine them and bake them in the oven, you're not going to have that chocolate cake.

Yes, of course, you could go to the bakery and purchase a cake, but that is not what you were craving. You were craving the home baked kind of cake.

We're not using the cake to symbolize your woman! To be clear here... we see the cake as the red hot kind of sex that you want to have more often with your woman. You want that kind of sex to happen with your wife and nobody else.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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This is why it's so important that you do what it takes to put together the "right recipe" for the kind of sex you want to have with her more frequently.

Every woman and every couple is different. But, try these "ingredients" and see what happens in your marriage...

Stay engaged.
You probably work hard at whatever you do for a living and you most likely are busy and have an overly-full schedule. This describes just about every man (and woman) around.

Don't use your job, your interests, your extended family, your friends or anything else to disengage from your woman. To stay engaged means that you make sure that you are present and really listening and sharing when you and your spouse are communicating or are in each other's company.

This might mean that you make regular time to learn stress-reduction techniques so that you CAN be engaged and present when you are with her.

Do your share of the work.
In this day and age, there really is no such thing as "woman's work" and "man's work." When it comes to the care and maintenance of your home, you need to step up and do your part. The same thing applies when it comes to the care of your children, if you have them.

Every couple makes slightly different agreements about what the man and the woman will handle in terms of specific tasks and chores. Be willing to communicate with your spouse in open and honest ways about how you can both work together as a team to get everything done...and still have plenty of energy leftover for intimacy, love making and fun.

Be generous with your affection and expressions of love.
This "recipe" for more and deeper love making includes generous portions of affection and expressions of love. Don't assume that, just because you two have been together for possibly decades, she doesn't want (or even need) to hear how special she is to you.

Make it your goal each and every day to express your love for her in some heartfelt and genuine way. You can give her affection with your words, your touch (non-sexual and sexual are both good) and your actions.

Be adventurous (in and out of the bedroom).
When it comes to getting your woman in the mood for sex more often, your willingness to be adventurous, in various ways, is highly beneficial.

Whether you are greeting your spouse at the door with a kiss after a long day's work or you two are in bed together engaging in foreplay, be playful and adventurous. Let your passion and desire for her come out in new ways.

The key to this "recipe" been effective is to watch what happens. When you try something new, notice if your spouse seems to move closer to you or further away. Do more of what seems to bring her closer to you.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.


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