You might have known that Yogurt is an amazing aid for healthy digestion and a well known Probiotic.

It turns out that there are more benefits of Yogurt than just aiding in digestion.

Yogurt and Weight loss?

Who would have thunk it? Well it turns out to be quite true. The University of Tennessee conducted a study and found that eating yogurt burns fat and can help you maintain an overall healthy weight.

After 12 weeks of eating 6-ounce servings of Non-fat yogurt, 81% lost more weight than the participants who consumed less Calcium.

Calcium is an important Mineral and it's essential to the human body, it Strengthens bones, Teeth, among other things.

It turns out Calcium also has been shown to curb Cortisol. A stress Hormone that your body produces, which basically makes you fatter, mainly in the Midsection.

It's by no means a miracle cure for obesity, but everything helps right? Eating yogurt along with other healthy foods and exercise can help you slim down your waistline if you actually put in the required effort.

Try aiming for 2-3 servings of Fat-free yogurt daily and start shedding the blubber!

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