October is the month of blossoms. Every sign has its share of blooms in the basket. There is a mix of wisdom and wit, happiness with sad, anger with a laugh.
Read on what's in store for you this month.

This time let your walls come down or the people who love you will get tired of trying to knock them down.

Do not let the struggles around you be the cause of your downfall. Only you know what your capable of, and you need to make sure that others see it.

You are at your best when doing your own thing and not allowing other people to get too involved in whatever it is you are doing. Don't mix business with pleasure.

October is the month for you to shine. Therefore keep your work. You are onto something big and the results will be phenomenal.

They are annoyed easily when it comes to working with lazy and slow pace people.

If a Virgo wants their alone time, it means they're feeling like a hermit. Which they like.

You simply don't need the whole world knowing all of your problems and issues. You rather take care of the problem yourself then try to burden others.

Sometimes you get yourself all worked up about things when there is simply no need to do so. You have to save your energy for the right things.

You need to ensure that you are putting things into perspective and not getting too caught up in too much pressure and anxiety about something that isn't worth your time.

Try not to rush into anything. Wait for your luck to be by your side. It's better to be safe than be sorry.

If things aren't going as expected, give it a break. Maybe all you need is some personal space. Time makes everything worthwhile.

This time you have to be extremely cautious when texting, emailing, tweeting and etc. It might be difficult for you to rephrase things or take back anything you say in haste, anger or impatience.

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