According to the WHO, thorough handwashing is an essential way to protect your health and prevent the spread of coronavirus, as it helps to keep the virus at bay. The research also says that 1 out of 10 people usually skip to the handwashing process and over a third of them just use water. In an acute crisis like the COVID-19, it is now become essential to have hand sanitizer supplier strategically placed throughout your workplace. This might appear an extra layer of cleanliness but it is a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked to make your workspace healthier and safer from the COVID-19 virus. Here are three important reasons for having COVID-19 safety supplies like sanitizer stations at your workplace post lockdown.

To avoid skipping hand hygiene

Even if there are many people who obediently visit the restroom to scrub and wash their hands for 20 seconds after touching all the high touch surfaces, you might find a few who won’t follow it. Especially, at work when you have to much work in hand, it might sometime result in skipping the hygiene. You might end-up touching phones, doorknobs, coffee machine, elevator buttons, keyboards, etc. which will encourage the spread of the virus in the office. Having hand sanitizer stations at handy such near their desks can help them work on maintaining hygiene at your workplace. You could also have COVID-19 signage stickers generating awareness about hand hygiene and helping in avoiding contact with an unsanitary touchpoint.

Shows Clients that you Care

Having hand sanitizer stations presented at the front desk conveys a message that you care about the health of your prospective clients or the existing ones who are visiting your office. It makes you appear as a responsible business associate and creates a positive impression of your brand as you’re taking care of the essential details during this pandemic. It also shows that you care for your employees as the client is an outsider to your workspace and with sanitizer stands at all the high-touch surfaces, you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Good health boosts productivity

Placing hand sanitizer stations at all the high-touch surfaces in your office can help keep the COVID-19 virus at bay, enabling your employees to work in a safer and healthier environment. This reduces their chances of getting sick and when they’re healthier, they are able to get their job done in a better way. You also need to follow the social distancing guidelines for office provided by the government which also has proven to be effective to build a healthy workplace.

Effective hand sanitizer stations in the office are essential to protect your office from this pandemic. For this, having high traffic areas which people frequently visit such as the exit and entrances, near restrooms, conference or meeting rooms, pantry or kitchen, elevator area, reception, etc. are important. It’s time for businesses to incorporate certain safety measures for their employees as we get our business restarted and make this new normal a part of our life.

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