So, how do you step into abundance when it seems well beyond your current level of experience?


  1. Take some time each day to be silent and to journal

Every leader needs to take time to think, to navel-gaze, to write out what comes up, to pick up on new ideas in the silence.


Most people run through life with no silence, no time to listen both to themselves and also to the universe, to God. Most of the wisdom you have access to, will only be revealed in the silence. You must take some time to be silent everyday. Whether it is as you take a walk through nature or whether it is as you sit up in bed before the rest of your household is awake, you need time to tap in to your intuition and to your wisdom.


To start with, your mind may run from place to place, thinking a little of this and then a little of that but as you show willing to make this quiet time work, you will start to find it easier to quiet down your inner world so that you can listen.


You may not always like what you see when you look deep within and yet, that darkness you see is already controlling your actions and the results you achieve so ignorance is not really bliss. It is better to see your weaknesses and choose to get them handled than to try and pretend they are not there.


However, this silent time is not to become a time of judging yourself and finding yourself unworthy because honey, you have been created good. There may have been things left to fester that now need to leave but that does not diminish who you really are. Face the darkness within knowing that you are clearing up the clutter within so that you can get to the very heart of you.


The good stuff.


And make a point of having a journal with you at all times so that you can capture your best thinking. Yes, you can record your thoughts on your smartphone but there is something about the act of writing that is more powerful than just speaking.


In the silence, remember that abundance is your birthright and so, expect to hear words in your mind that do not always seem to be coming directly from you. It is as though the Universe has been waiting for you to finally listen. I call this quiet voice, the voice of God but depending on your belief system, you may find that hard to comprehend and yet, when you are quiet, you cannot help but hear Him speak. You may choose not to listen but then you cut off a big part of your abundance because it is in that voice that you find the wisdom, the creativity, the understanding you need to impact the world and to increase your income.


Just because you do not understand a thing does not mean it is not there.


Open your mind to the possibilities! Open yourself to abundance.


  1. It is not humility to downplay yourself

You may have been taught by well-meaning, but small-thinking, people that it is prideful to have more than others, be more than others, do more than others. And so you learnt to downplay yourself.


This will never lead you to abundance. There needs to be acceptance and clarity around who you are and what you are capable of. It is what it is. Why would you hold back to appease small thinkers?


I have seen leaders do less and live with less than they could because they are worried about what people would think of them if they really came all out and were as wealthy as they could be. And I feel that is a pity. YOU may feel like you live in a goldfish bowl where everyone looks at you and judges you but you are the worst. You are judging yourself and putting unnecessary limits on yourself to appease people who refuse to live to their own full potential. After all, if there really is anyone looking, then it is because they are not concerned with their own life. Who has time to stare at others when they are doing their own best work?


Why would you let those people influence you and keep you from the abundance you are able to tap into?


And this is a particular problem for you who want to go into ministry. You forget that the workman deserves his pay and so you think that you have to prove yourself all the time to your people. You think they are judging you while they pay you to support them. And some may be doing that but it is up to you, LEADER, to play full out so that they can see what it means to live a life of abundance, rather than a small one of judgment.


  1. God does not need you to play small

For the more religious types reading this, can I ask you to stop playing yourself down because you think that God needs you to need Him. The truth is that even if you played to the FULLNESS OF YOUR OWN STRENGTH, at some point, you will reach the end of that strength and then the universe, God can step in to cause something miraculous to happen. However, most people, most religious types are too scared of their own power to play full out. This is where the false theories of pride come into play as well as, where fear keeps people lazy and weak.


There are two types of religious types – Those who downplay incase it makes God look small and so every sentence is ended with ‘God willing’ and ‘By God’s Grace’ and some other platitude that makes them feel ‘humble’.  It is as though they fear that a lightning bolt will be sent down from heaven if they do not acknowledge God at the end of every sentence. They get scared that if they really did everything they could then God would be offended with them.


And so they play small and wait…


No abundance will be found there. Please remember that God is not having an identity crisis, He does not need your platitudes and he does not need you to play small. He KNOWS who He is – Do you know who you are?


And then there is the second type who just use this whole ‘I must decrease so that he may increase’ thing to not do anything. They allow their fears to overwhelm them and keep them from the work they are called to do. And they claim to be ‘waiting on God’. What nonsense!


No abundance found here either. The word from God has already been given in the form of your vision and so, all of creation waits for you to take some steps.


Think of the parable of the talents… (Google it, if you do not know what I am talking about) What happened to the dude who buried everything waiting for the master to tell him what to do next? His master came and told him off for being so passive. And what he had, was taken away and given to the one who dared the most.


And so, lesson to learn from that story is this – The word from God has already been given. All you need to do is act on it and stop holding back thinking you are doing God some kind of a favour.


  1. Take Action

Be this third type of person who completely owns their own strength and pushes the boundaries with no fear. Be someone who is always pushing against limitation and fear. Yes, it may seem scary to do that. It may seem scary to take what I say here on face value, after all you have spent aeons believing that it was humble to be small.


But you can change all of that now.


And you start the change by taking action. By doing more than you did yesterday, even though yesterday you felt that you had reached the end of your capability. What if there is more?


How else do you find out except by testing yourself? Challenging yourself and having a whole lot of fun with it?


I remember the first time I realized that I had put false limits on myself when it came to writing. IT was exhilarating to realize that I could write 5000 words a day if I chose to. I used to think that 500 words was a stretch and then I placed the demand on myself and it was exciting to find that there was no end to the wisdom and creativity within me as long as I did not give into fear and the need to conform to everyone else’s expectations.


When I actually listened to my inner wisdom, there was no limit to me. And I was excited to discover what I could do when I took the limits off.


And it is in taking off my limits that I tune into abundance.


Same goes with you.


Where are you limiting yourself and how can you challenge yourself to new heights?


Think then act.


Think then act.


This will bring you faster to your experience of abundance than waiting, waiting, waiting for permission.


Yes, you may make mistakes…


You may make a lot of them but you will still experience abundance faster than the person who waits until he/she is absolutely sure of the way to go. Take on board that there is nothing you cannot handle so whatever mistakes you make, you can deal with them.


Abundance is your birthright but playing small will never allow you to experience it fully. Tune into abundance by showing up powerfully as YOU!

Fight for, DELIBERATELY design the life you are born to live.

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