A suggestion is like a seed...once it is thrown onto the soil of your mind, it can grow into a mighty tree; it can even create a forest, with trees bearing nothing but the fruit of that suggestion.

There are places and people that are constantly broadcasting gloom. Avoid exposure to anyone or anything promulgating pessimistic views; for their gloominess can vine onto you and in no time, the tree of pessimism will be rooted, miles deep, into your mind.

A forest cannot grow in unfriendly environments...environments of extreme cold or dryness. Make your mind so consumed with positive emotions, that it will become an unfriendly place for hopelessness to grow.

“Self-suggestion allows you to control what gets planted into your head.”
~Andres Lara

Here is how you can turn your mind into an unfriendly place for dispiritedness and other negative emotions:

1-What To Say: Suggest to yourself out-loud “I’m the best at what I do. I experience abundance everyday. I am a very lucky person. Wealth is attracted to me.” This is called self-suggestion, which is a great tool to plant great thoughts into your mind.

2-How You Say It: Think about the people who have had the most influence on you or society. They were influential because they believed in what they were saying. Say your suggestions with conviction, so they’re felt within the inner most chamber of your mind. It’s how you say it that counts.

3- When to Say It: The fields of your mind are the most fertile or receptive to suggestion when they are plowed...meaning when you are relaxed which is: 1-Right when you wake up because you are rested and untouched by exterior forces 2-Before you fall asleep because your conscious mind lacks the energy to disagree. Use self-suggestions at these times.

4-Limit Negativity: You can avoid strangers, but you cannot completely avoid a negative relative or coworker. Yet you can limit your interactions with them. Most importantly, you can make yourself inaccessible to them during your most receptive times (see #3). Save those times for you to plant some positive seeds with self-suggestions.

5-Picture it while you say it: Since a picture is worth a thousand words, develop a picture of each of those self-suggestions (see #1) inside your head. For instance, picture yourself being the best at what you do. What would others say about you? What kind of pay would you get? Where would you work from? Visualize and say your suggestions simultaneously.

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Homeless at 16...millionaire at 26. Andres Lara also known as TheCubanGuy is the author of several international-selling books and a highly sought-after motivational speaker.
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